Wednesday, April 1, 2009

no more monkeys...

jumping INTO bed.

apparently that's what he was doing (running to dive into bed, rug slipped out from under him, dove into the bed frame, screamed really loud)

the night of:

the morning after:

day 2:

"it's not black, it's...." (he's been through multiple colors already)
"feels fine, barely even hurts anymore"
"kids think it's cool"
"what's a raccoon?"


  1. ouch! good thing kids bounce back so quickly!

  2. NO childhood is complete without a solid black eye! Good one!

  3. poor little guy! We had a nasty head injury last night too. I think it's just part of growing up!

  4. ouch! So glad it missed his eye! That was close.

  5. oooh, poor little guy, he is getting so big and ADORABLE!

  6. he's stinkin cute even if he does look like a raccoon! sad day.

  7. Oh heck!! That looks awful. I guess boys hurt themselves on a regular basis...BUT I have not had one of these HUGE shiners yet!!! Makes him look TOUGH!!!!

  8. that is so scary. noah ran into the door frame a couple of weeks ago. the bump was instantly so huge that i thought he fractured his skull. he's better now though. glad asher is too!

  9. Did I ever show you pics of Tylor when he broke his nose at 18 months? Think Day 2 with both eyes and dark purple & green...nice.