Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just wait

you know sometimes I write things on the blog before going to bed as sort of my lingering thoughts from the day.  Hence the baby report.  While he is an easy baby, it's only in comparison to my other two babies (well he's also easier than my nephew H, I think).  

BUT, I also wrote it because I know that he's going to change any day, because babies change so fast and I don't really remember how old the other kids were when they stopped sleeping through the usual disruptions and started crying at inconvenient times.
Mostly I wrote it for my journal and for all of you that wonder if I'm ok with 3 kids (!) living in Dubai (!).  I am ok- for now.
and if I could take any credit for things going fairly smoothly so far, I would share that wealth of knowledge. 
but to top it off, I have to laugh and agree with my friend Kari who commented "just wait"


  1. oh, I feel bad. He will probably stay perfect forever. Don't let me spoil the newborn bliss. I am going to keep my mouth shut. By the way, my 9 month old (#4) is still perfect!

  2. you didn't spoil any bliss- AT ALL!!!
    I love keeping in touch with you.
    It's good to hear that it is possible for the easy stuff to last 9 months (or longer)!

  3. Oh my gosh you were so right, yesterday I felt amazing and today, like I was hit by a truck! So I'm taking it easy. I forgot about the wave of things that come up like engorgement and "newborn neck" (you know when your neck is so sore from looking down as you nurse?) So I'm glad I just read your comment because I was like, whta is wrong with me?!
    Canyon is so cute, you make such cute kids! he's kind of a mix of Asher and Ivy, I think, but definitely a lot of Asher in him.
    I was just talking to Anna and Kate about how you measure your family progress by comparing ages and numbers of kids with other families. And I was like, "Yeah, Toria and I have perfectly matched kids, even genders" and then I was so sad that you are in Dubai :(.
    The weather is starting to get nice here and you know how wonderful that feels! We had our first evening on the playground last night where it was really warm and all the families swarmed out there to hang out.
    We're going to buy a new camera so I'll post more pictures soon, and I want to see more of Canyon with his eyes open (I know, I know, that doesn't happen super often, still, probably)
    We love you guys, give the kids big hugs from us!