Wednesday, April 1, 2009

say ahhh

did I mention we've been to the doctor's office more than once in the past couple weeks.
gotta love Dr's that give the kids lollipops (and kids that like to choose what they wear).


  1. Whenever I see kids in non-traditional clothes I imagine the conversation at home: "But MOMMMMM! I wannna wear my (insert odd clothing item here)!"

    I think it started when I saw a kid with a lion hat at church a few years ago.

  2. that's usually that conversation I have with Asher when he wants to wear that BYU shirt more often than I think is normal. I think it used to be Dustin's (funny). It's mesh and it's been a part of his wardrobe for a good 2 years now. I like it- just not every day.
    Ivy- her choices usually remain contained in accessories so I think it's cute, although I don't let her wear her favorite "trainers" to church (they are a couple sizes too big for her and adidas I bought for Asher)

  3. GO BLUE!!! although unmatching --it NICE when they can dress themselves with a new babe around!