Monday, March 23, 2009

baby report

We love this little guy.  He's been such a fun, easy addition to the family. 

Is it the blessing of a 3rd child, because many people have told me that their 3rd was very content and easy too.
or is it something else?
or should I knock on wood, because after all, he's not even 2 months old yet?
do I have some other 3rd child trouble to look out for?

grading the basics:
Sleeping- A- (still sleeps a lot, lets me put him down for a long stretch at night, when/ if he does eat at night he usually goes right back to sleep.  There are exceptions of course, looking forward to bring that grade up to an A+)
Eating- A (will sometimes cry at meal time, rarely screams, and usually just wakes up, wiggles and grunts a little and I look at the clock and realize it's feeding time again. Just mommy diet right now. No bottles or even pumping yet.)
Filling that diaper- B+ (fills it well and often- John even gets to change multiple messy ones and he's only home in the evenings.  if he is fussy, his diaper/ bowels are usually to blame.)
Social Skills- A (He is still at the age when he can be passed around in his sleep during church and other social settings. He snuggles right in or stays alert and looks around calmly.  He is also very patient with kids holding him- with supervision of course.  He attracts many females under the age of 5 who he meets at the park or preschool or birthday parties. I always tell them, they can touch his head, so he's received LOTS of head pats.  I'm amazed at how much little girls love babies, especially this baby)
Adaptability-A (he sleeps in the car seat, swing, bed, people's arms, at the beach, in the stroller and by the pool.  He eats in almost all those settings as well.  He stayed quiet during date night and ate, slept and watched Cirque du Soleil with his parents and their friends.)
Looks- A+ (of course!)

forgive me for bragging.


  1. Well, 3rd kids usually are the best.

  2. Personally I think you should brag, he is adorable, I'm still holding out for my number three and hoping it's as easy as you say!

  3. Phew. So glad to hear that #3 is usually an easy baby (NOT an announcement). Sounds like your little cutie is absolute perfection!
    Miss you guys!

  4. Toria, It's so good to get caught up on your blog. I miss you guys terribly. I love reading all about your kids. It makes it seem like you aren't so far away. I hope we can meet up again soon. We'll be in Mesa in about you? Give all those kids big hugs for me.

  5. Kari, I'm cracking up at your comment, because last night he was more difficult than usual and I kept thinking to myself "I should have never blogged about it- I'm gonna have to eat my words"

  6. I am laughing at Drew's comment because just this past weekend I had a conversation with several other mom's...we pretty much agreed that #3 is definitely the most active and entertaining, perhaps the hardest...we also concluded that #3 is the most challenging. I can't wait to see how you feel when he get's older...of course, I think boys are easier so maybe it's just girls? I don't think the transition from 2 to 3 was hard...just #3 herself!

    Anyway, he is a very cute baby so you should definitely brag! Maybe he will be the "ladies man" like my Blake...sounds like he is off to a great start!

  7. What a cute picture. Glad to hear that it's going so easy for you. Enjoy it!

  8. ha ha ha Look at my post title poke me in the eye for real....he was my 3rd!!! You are blessed!

  9. Congrats!!! You have every right to brag. I hope that 3 continues to be wonderful. And I love the report card. I think I'll start handing our report cards to my kids... I like this idea.