Monday, January 19, 2009

Pre- Christmas family time

We're a desert family now, so we do desert things.

Instead of the sledding and snow angels, sleigh rides, visits to Santa and sitting on his lap, and dressing up in Christmas best.

We got sand sliding and sand angels!

Dune bashing!
sorry, no photos really, I was holding on to tight.

Visiting a camel, and sitting on his hump!  
For some reason he didn't ask what we wanted for Christmas, but he did give us a little ride!

and dressing up like the locals.

Soon after enjoying our desert festivities here in Dubai, we boarded our planes for the U.S. and enjoyed some more traditional Christmas activities in Arizona (a different kind of desert).


  1. it's like the bible come to life! Being desert people and all. Here I thought AZ was a desert, but Dubai takes the cake. Hope there's no scorpions there!

  2. Ha ha ha. That's so awesome. So funny...the other day, we were at the Oakland Zoo. We were standing there looking at the camels, when Kelly pointed out that the Clasons don't have to go to a zoo to see camels. Wasn't there a camel in the background of one of your pictures in a recent post? You guys are THE coolest!

  3. Do you feel like you are back in Isreal? What great memories. Good luck next week!

  4. That looks like so much fun! Hooray for baby #3!! Good luck.