Monday, January 19, 2009

did it.

my talk went well.  Nothing too exciting to report.  I'm still pregnant.

Ivy was feeling a bit clingy that morning though- she wanted her Dad.  She was asleep when he left for church and when we got there she was thrilled.  However, just minutes after we sat down, John had to get up to sit somewhere else and help pass the sacrament.  Ivy was distracted until he brought the sacrament to us, then she left our row and tried to follow him and help him.  I just thought to myself "I'm not waddling after her"
unfortunately, she then started to cry and call out "Daddy, daddy!"
so I had to waddle after her anyway.
and by the time I had to stand up to give my talk
everyone had already witnessed my waddle.

And now this should mean that I don't have to speak in church for at least another 8 months (our congregation is small).  That feels good.


  1. I bet on you the waddle is really cute, in fact you should have exaggerated it just for fun. Try that next week!

  2. I understand the waddle fear. I had to waddle in front of the entire stake 9 months pregnant. Glad things went well for you.