Wednesday, January 28, 2009

California dreamin'

 pics with baby Asher early 2005- thanks again Shannon.

I have a pretty good memory.  Sometimes it's a little embarrassing, but I'll save the embarrassing stories about that for another time.  

Last week, I was loving my memory and daydreaming while carrying out various "nesting" activities.  It was a nice distraction from wondering when I would go into labor and hoping my mom would arrive before then(no nothing yet).

I got out all of Asher's baby clothes and washed, folded and created a closet space for our new little one.  I loved it!  Every little sleeper and onesie and even little blankets made me think of who gave them to me (yes, I remember)  I thought about neighbors, old roommates, co-workers, family, and friends from different wards and missed everyone.  I want to say THANK YOU again!!!  I loved those things the first time around and I think I just might love them even more with this baby because they will not only remind me of the people who gave them to us, but also of little baby Asher and my experiences becoming a mom for the first time. 
Sweet memories.
Thank you for creating and sharing them with me.

oh and I also have many baby things I'm using that I got from friends and family in the mail (who never lived in California with us, but sent gifts there), and from friends when I was giving birth to Ivy in Massachusetts, I'm thinking of you too, and lovin' it just as much as my California dreamin'.


  1. What a beautiful nephew I have! Miss you guys - give lots of love to the new little one when he arrives!

  2. beautiful. I can't believe how much he still looks like his sweet little baby pictures. he's gorgeous. as is ivy and I'm sure your new little one will be as well. You have darling children and my heart is swollen with excitement for you to have this next one! Can't wait to "see" the good news! love, Veronica