Friday, January 16, 2009


even though I have had many moments to sit down a post some of the pictures or document a little of our past month on this blog, I have had a priority looming at the top of the list. I have to speak in church this weekend, and therefor, write a talk.  It's not that I've been working on the talk, I just couldn't really write something else when my first priority is to sit down and write what I am going to share with our church congregation.  Do you guys do that?  Not get anything done because you can't get the thing on the TOP of the list done?

Plus are you thinking what I'm thinking which is: 
"Poor girl, has to speak in church less that two weeks before she gives birth."
or "I bet she can get out of it if she goes into early labor"
or "can she even stand that long? she better wear flat shoes"
or " she deserves lots of blessings for this"
or "what if her water breaks?" (ok, I'm kidding about that one, but it would make a good story right? then I really would be deserving of LOTs of blessings.  Tons!)

Well, no signs of labor and church is in less than 12 hours (I better get to bed, I just finished my talk).
Right now I'm thinking about my talk just as much as how I'll have to concentrate really hard to walk and not waddle up to and down from the pulpit (there isn't really a stand to sit on for the whole meeting and John would probably appreciate the help with the kids).
Wish me luck!
I'll be sure to post about all the blessings I have received and am bound to receive.
good night.


  1. I'm pulling for the water break, now that would be a juicy story! But your bishop or whoever called you to speak is obviously not a woman!

  2. Oh and one time I saw a really prego lady waddle out of sacrament to obviously go to the bathroom and I turned to Travis and said, "At least I never waddled." and he said, "Are you sure about that?" Men, they are rude, I'm sure you would never waddle.

  3. You are so funny. I hope it all goes well. Then again, I hope you start labor, because if you feel like me, you are ready for this baby to get out. Bring on the blessings.

  4. I'm sure you will be fantastic! I'll say a little prayer for you as well.

  5. Good luck on your talk. I still can't get used to this whole "Friday/Church" thing. Too weird. I want to hear more baby names. Glad you guys made it home safe. We'll have to see eachother next time.

  6. the water breaking would be a good story.