Friday, December 21, 2007

he really was happy!

After looking at my last post I just wanted to reassure you that Asher really did love his birthday and his party, it's just that in the midst of everything I wasn't able to capture his emotions on camera AND he was a little tired since he stayed up late the night before because his Aunt Cassi came to town. He doesn't look like his usual self in any of the photos. I was surprised when I uploaded them all. Maybe someone else took pictures? Or maybe John was able to capture some emotion on video. Plus there weren't any shots of the adults (me, John, Cassi, Trina, Nana and Uncle Matt) sporting those high quality engineer caps.


  1. Toria, I've been pureeing veggies tonight and thinking of you! :)

  2. Toria- HELLLOO!! We are so glad you found us!!!! We LOVE the blogging world~it makes everyone not seem so far away. Where are you guys living? Last thing I remember was your dilemma w/ serving a mission and now you are married w/ kidlings!!!! I LOVE it!! Can you imagine IF we tried to do another New Years party like the one we all went too w/ all of our kids-ha ha ha ha. We would need a mansion!! So good seeing your family and you. Lets do this more often! where to put you on the blog listings highschoool or BYU? hmmmm

  3. BTW-we looked HARD at living in Ashland. Do you love it? We may look again one day

  4. Toria-
    Thanks for saying hi. It was fun to see your blog and your cute family. We can't believe you havea three year old---how quickly time passes! Thanks for the painting tips too.