Monday, January 7, 2008

puree away.

Trina, this is for you ;) and everyone else that I've been plugging Deceptively Delicious to. I mentioned the idea to one of my friends and her response was "and why would I spend my time doing that?" My response was that it's cheaper (for baby food) and healthier (for everyone) and she said "whatever!" And I laughed and I still love her, I just realize that maybe I'm a little obsessive compulsive. At any rate, I'm not getting any kickbacks from Jessica Seinfeld, I just wanted to share one of my latest little hobbies.

background: I was a very picky eater growing up (and I still am to some extent). I studied nutrition at BYU so I've always had a side interest in different health trends AND I love to cook and try new recipes. Ivy was just getting ready to start eating baby food and I wanted to
make her baby food if she would eat it. Asher wasn't as cooperative eating homemade but he did eat a few things and now he's hit or miss when it comes to eating veggies although it's more miss than hit.

One day at Costco I stumbled across this book. I liked the design and layout (it's pink!) and the recipes sounded basic, easy and right up my alley. The recipes consist of mainstream kid friendly meals (although I don't think it's just for kids), and each recipe has at least one pureed fruit or veggie mixed in. Since I was intending to puree the fruit and veggies already for Ivy's baby food, it was exciting to see all the ways I incorporate the healthy stuff for Asher ( and the rest of us) as well. I've tried about a dozen of the recipes in the book and for the most part they've turned out well (loved potato soup, didn't really love the muffins -tasted ok and didn't rise). Jessica (the author) recommends freezing pre-measured amounts of the pureed fruits and vegetables in ziploc baggies. I prefer to puree the stuff and then put it in
ice cube trays to freeze. Once frozen I put the cubes in bigger ziploc freezer bags and free up the ice cube trays for a different batch or for ice. Now in the freezer I have a bags of veggie cubes; squash cubes, carrot cubes, green bean cubes, beet cubes, banana cubes etc. This way, I grab one or two cubes for a meal for Ivy (just warm them up in the microwave) or whatever cubes I need for a family recipe (with our trays I figured 3 cubes = approx. 1/2 cup). Plus since I have the cubes on hand we throw veggies into lots of different things unmeasured. Then, if Asher eats the veggies we have on the table it's a bonus, but I don't worry as much if he doesn't. Maybe I'll post the actual recipes or specific feedback about recipes another time if anyone is interested or if my blog needs some more variety aside from pictures and stories about the kids. I'll quit for now.

Puree away!!!

oh one more thing, I saw these ice cube trays with lids that I think would be great if you want to use this method- I found them on Amazon and other places on the internet. I haven't purchased or used any yet, but I plan to I just haven't found them in an actual store ie. Target. Plastic wrap and aluminum foil will have to do until then.

oh and another side-note, the food processor I use was a wedding gift that I highly recommend and use for a number of things, not just pureeing. However, they are kinda spendy so if pureeing things is all you plan to do with it, I'd go for the mini size, a knock off brand (not Cuisinart) or a blender. I haven't tried pureeing in a blender but I'm sure that it would work. At times I even think the mini- food processor would do a great job and be especially nice for small batches and be less of a pain to get out and clean up. I just haven't justified getting a mini one myself when I have the big one (although justification may be coming:))

so again: Puree away! (and thanks Trina for thinking of me while doing it! I'm flattered?)


  1. When Payton was a baby I pureed everything we ate and he loved it. I even took almost everything from Thanksgiving and put it in a blender and he devoured it. I think that's why he is such a good eater now. He will eat anything. My grandparents were recently impressed when I gave him artichoke hearts and he loved them. I'm still battling Liza to even eat and am still determinded to conquer blended food. I'll have to get that book. It sounds interesting.

  2. Hey Toria-
    Long time no see, no talkie. This is Shea. I found your website while browsing Amy and Carl's. Looks great and you guys are apparently happy, healthy and well as you should be. The kids are gorgeous. I've been playing with website stuff recently so if you're interested check or Hope you're loving Oregon. Talk to you more later.

  3. Ooh! A personal mention! Now I'M flattered! :)

    I used a blender and had to add a little extra water to everything.

    Also, Jesse is looking dashing in his Buzz Lightyear sweatsuit today - thanks!

    We miss you guys!

  4. T- you are amazing! I need to get with it and start pureeing. I am so lazy (and a little bit busy) and it is so easy just to have Gerber provide the purees!

  5. so i thought i commented here a few days ago, but i don't see it, so i'll comment again! ;) just had to say thanks for this blog... jaimey bought me this cookbook for Christmas, and i'm getting so excited to puree! which recipes do you suggest i start with? cohen's very finicky, and he's allergic to eggs, so it gets complicated... you're an awesome mommy to be so health conscious for your kiddos. thanks for inspiring me!

  6. Toria...I saw that Jacque posted on your blog, but didn't see it. Me too! This is my 2nd post. I want to know how Steve and Barry's was. I was the rerun on Oprah the other day. Is it worth it? It was good to see you guys last weekend! Thanks for coming!