Sunday, November 16, 2008

the past two weeks

The past two weeks we've been in and out of the sick house around here which also meant loads and loads of laundry.  

It started with Ivy being throw up/ nasty diaper sick on Halloween.  Since she was a little under the weather and needed to stay in, I thought it was a good time to get our laundry piles that were out of control, under control.  Just as I proudly finished all the "normal" laundry, I got sick!
Sicker than I've been in a long, long time- maybe ever.  It wasn't fun. 
When I got feeling better (1 week ago) I had all the "normal' laundry to catch up on again plus I decided all the bedding and throw blankets, throw pillows,  pretty much everything else, needed to be washed because the house needed some all around freshening up.  With Asher at preschool for the morning, I tackled my responsibilities and was actually kind of excited about it.  Not an hour later, I got a call from the school to come get Asher as he was really sick, and got sick in the classroom.

messy sick

but not vomit messy- the other kind of messy.


I was there in minutes worried about Asher's health, but even more worried about his emotional state- I was imagining the worst!  Thankfully he has WONDERFUL teachers who handled the situation, diverted the attention, cleaned him up and Asher left school proudly waving to all his friends (wearing his swimsuit, because they have swimming once a week at preschool, and a cap sleeve t-shirt borrowed from the nurses office).

Ivy began vomitting again that same day

TWICE in her crib that day, and over the course of the week, about half a dozen more times in her crib.  (not to mention she experienced similar bowel problems and we had a few leaky diapers as well)


Asher who has only wet the bed maybe 3 times since he was potty trained a year ago, wet the bed.


in the SAME night!

AND, thinking that Ivy was feeling better we all headed to some church meetings in Abu Dhabi on Friday.  About 20 minutes into the hour and a half drive, Ivy was starting to doze off to sleep when she vomitted ALL over herself, her car seat and the only clothes we had for her.  It wasn't pretty either.  We pulled off on the side of the road, in the middle of the desert and let in about a dozen hungry flies while we sadly attempted to clean up our sick little girl with wet wipes. We took her to the meeting in a diaper (looking like total WT parents), thankfully one of my friends brought her a size 4T t-shirt to wear (still looked like WT parents, but at least she was somewhat clothed) when I called and told her our situation.*

Yep, I've been doing WAY TOO MUCH laundry!

but, I'm caught up, we're all feeling better, and we're headed to the States for Christmas in just 3 short weeks!!!!  Time flies when you're having fun (and when you're sick, or when you're just struggling to keep your house from falling apart)

Oh and I hired my neighbors maid to come over and clean for a couple hours this morning.

Things are looking MUCH better around here. Thank you very much.

*We didn't turn around and head home because a) we're just good like that when it comes to church stuff, and b) we would have driven another 30 minutes before there was a place to turn around, so we were closer to Abu Dhabi than home.


  1. I'm sorry. That can't have been fun. It's probably because you eat haram food. But I'm glad you're all feeling better, and I hope you don't bring some dormant form of whatever made you sick to Phoenix and get the rest of us sick.

    I think I need to hire a maid for a few hours one of these days too.

  2. Uh, I hate stomach flu season. We caught it too, dang it. Brigham never threw up but I sure did. Did you throw up, too? what a horrible experince, being pregnant too. Between midnight Halloween and 7 am the next morning I threw up 17 times! Every 20 minutes, and my stomach cramped so bad between each bout. Anyway, I hope it wasn't like that for you. you're a trooper with all that laundry! Brigham did ours, 10 loads, so could a been worse.

  3. How awful!! I'm so sorry things have been so terrible. There is nothing worse than being sick and having sick kids- plus throwing up from both ends is even worse. What a pain!! I'm so glad you are all better. You should definitely hire your neighbor's maid- I need one of those. =)

  4. That has got to be the worse 2 weeks one could have even if you weren't pregnant! We've taken a couple car trips and had Tessa or Abel throw-up in the car en route and it is such a pain to clean them up with no real supplies. I'm happy to hear everyone survived and life has moved on.

  5. i just got to deal with puke today as a matter of fact. although payton was quick enough to make to the potty in time.

    jared had one of those embarrassing moments in kindergarten last year. except the school wasn't so helpful and i found a completely mortified kid in the nurse's office. i was peeved about that one!

  6. I'm glad that you are all feeling better and that you don't get sick again while traveling. Is bad as it sounded I'm sure it would have been worse while traveling. Does John get to come with you this time?

  7. Nothing worse than cleaning up those kind of messes...I feel your pain! Just be glad it was only 2...pretty soon it will be 3! Glad everyone is feeling better, can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!

  8. not sick like you Christine- it was painful though and I didn't sleep and was up all night.

    agreed, glad we got our sicknesses out of the way before the long flights home. (hopefully we don't get a round 2 or anything). Cleaning it up on the road was a total joke and definitely the hardest.

    Cass- WT is my classy way of saying white trash, because I sometimes feel guilty using that term. for some reason abbreviating it makes me feel better.

  9. okay that sounds horrible! Hope you're all feeling better. Hallie threw up last week on the way to pick Trav up at the airport, I thought that was bad. Turned out she was just carsick and that was that, but still there was no where to really clean her up until we got home. I felt so bad for her. Oh and that is the second time she has ever done that on the way to the airport. Strange.

  10. Grossy. Poor Asher. Poor you. poor everybody.

  11. Grossy. Poor Asher. Poor you. poor everybody.

  12. Glad you are all doing better. You made me homesick for Cafe Rio, good thing we'll be in Utah this weekend. Hope you guys have a safe trip out for Christmas. Let us know if you're in town.

  13. Ohhhhh that sounds horrible!!! Yeah, you need a spa treatment after all of that!!

  14. Your stories are hilarious! They are even better when you add "stopping in the desert" and "hungry flies in the car" into the mix. What an exciting life you are leading! Way to go on the maid. I think she needs to come permanently...hmmm John??

    p.s. Adrian's wedding was incredible! Casa's dress was the best dress I have ever seen. I'll have to send pics. He had a slide show and John was in it :)

  15. What a "crappy" week! Ha! Ha! Hope to see you soon! Coming through UT?

  16. oh man, glad you all survived! And not that it's any of our business, but thanks for the clarification about why you didn't turn around! hahaha. I was actually wondering that whne I read it and then saw your note. :) Man, having help really is wonderful, especially in times like this! Lance just came down with the throwup bug! yuck. I'm not looking forward to this...

  17. how horrible! i can't even imagine going through that. and the way you told the story was awesome. i love reading your blog...