Sunday, November 16, 2008

halal vs. haram

quick run-down (if I feel like it, I'll explain better another time)

for all you non- muslim, non- arabic speakers, in simplified terms, muslims need to eat food that is halal (similar to Kosher for Jews).  For meat, it refers to the way the animal is slaughtered and also what animal it is.  

All the chicken (and beef) we buy is halal.

All pork (among other things) is Haram (not permissible/ forbidden)

I'm not a huge pork eater.  I like ham ok, but I've never been much of a sausage and bacon lover. I do love pork roast, pulled pork sandwiches, bbq pork, a slice of ham every now and then, and as I mentioned previously, Cafe Rio style shredded pork tacos.  

Fortunately, for those cravings,  in some of the grocery stores here, there is a pork/ non-muslim section, filled with all sorts of "haram" things.

And I just discovered that these are "haram"! (gelatin is a pork product and an ingredient in marshmallows)
funny huh?
good thing I've never been a big fan of the candied yams at Thanksgiving or I would be scouring the shelves of the pork sections next week.
We're going to a buffet at the Marriott instead.


  1. Way to go. Our friends tried to tell us to just go to the Marriott and we didn't listen and proceeded to try and home-make the most disgusting, wreck of a Thanksgiving dinner, ever! And I convinced the butcher to chop off the Turkey's head for me but he left the whole neck, which was not easy to remove, plus disgusting to deal with.
    So you guys are wise beyond your expat years :)

  2. i would definitely be be "haram" and be shopping in the non-muslim section.

  3. Thanksgiving buffets are the best! We ran off to Reno for Thanksgiving the first year we were married, and it was so fun. It was a seafood buffet in addition to the tasty traditional food...yum-yum. Enjoy!

  4. Do they sell turkey bacon there? That's my favorite. I'd go to the Marriott too, all the fun, none of the work.

  5. Sometimes i wish I could just go to a buffet on Thanksgiving!

  6. Two years ago my in-laws took us to Hometown Buffet for Turkey day. I would have given up Christmas to go to the Marriott instead.

  7. Toria!

    I'm glad you said hi! Don't worry, I blog stalk you too from time to time. Veronica always talked about you and what a great person/mom you are. I wish we would have gotten to know each other better too!

    Your life is so fun and all these cool new places.

    I'd love to do pics for you when you're here...we may or may not be here though!! haha Dan's supposed to work until the 19th, but he's getting his project done quicker and we could leave as soon as the 11th or 12th, so we'll just have to see. I don't know?! sorry, I'm not much help. I'll for sure let you know if we're still in town though. I'll email you if I can do it!!

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