Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cheetah and Cowgirl- story behind the costumes

We had fun dressing up for Halloween.  Both kids loved their costumes which made me happy and proud.

Asher was a cheetah- he's been learning all about animals at school so he was especially excited because Cheetah's are FAST!  This costume was actually my brother Quinn's that my mom made for him for Halloween 20+ years ago (I grabbed it when I was home a couple months ago).   The best part of the costume is the matching cheetah print velcro shoes (that make you run like a cheetah).  I'm guessing my mom found the shoes and then decided to make the costume.  I laughed when I was helping Asher put on the shoes and realized that they are NIKE's.  Part of an 80's shoe line called "NIKE ZOO".  

Ivy was a cowgirl.  I was a little worried thinking about a costume for Ivy.  At first I spent way too much time trying to think of something that might coordinate with a cheetah (I'm weird like that) but I refused to make her into an elephant.  I also began to realize that without a JoAnn fabric, Wal-Mart, or goodwill around, I was going to have to get resourceful and use things around the house and fabric I already had.  Since I just finished watching this season's project Runway, I was ready to "make it work".  
  • skirt: part of a sheer panel IKEA curtain hanging in the kids room.  I had to cut off about 2 feet when I hemmed it, and that turned out to be the perfect amount for making the skirt.  Turning it pink was the easy part seeing as how there are plenty of things in the kitchen that stain things pink.  I made it intending for her to be a flower, but I couldn't figure out a way to make Ivy look like a flower and I wasn't sold on making wings for her to be a fairy or something. So when I saw the boots- I decided she was going to be a cowgirl- a truly American costume!
  • vest: part of the leg of John's old jeans.  
  • cow print belt and fringe: left over from my Jessie (Toy Story) costume 2 years ago- still in my box of sewing supplies.
  • badge and belt buckle: need I explain?
  • hat: gift from my mom last Christmas- Ivy often wears it around the house anyway, so I knew I wouldn't have any trouble having her keep it on for Halloween.
  • boots: Ivy has 2 other pairs, both are a little small and tight (she's got stocky little legs ok?), but I saw those at the grocery store the night before Halloween and they were cheap and probably a couple sizes too big in the foot (not the leg), but with socks on, she didn't complain.
  • I had every intention on making her a gun holster- but ran out of time.
perfect costume for an accessory girl like Ivy- without the accessories, it's just a pink skirt that doesn't look like a flower. 
AND once again, my mom in me is coming out- our costume choices were all about the shoes!!! (correct me if I'm wrong mom)
(note to self: take photo of the shoes and upload it here) 


  1. You are so your mom. Only you could come up with such an adorable cowgirl costume out of nothing. I love it!

  2. glad to know the kids didn't have to miss out on Halloween, that would be down right unAmerican! Everyone looks so cute.

  3. Adorable kids! Looks like you guys are adjusted to your new home!

  4. You are so resourceful-. Very impressive! Suepr cute costumes.

  5. I'm impressed with your "Make It Work' attitude. The first thing I thought when I opened your blog page was, I wonder where she went shopping for the goods to make her costumes. Do they not have anything like JoAnn's or Walmart? Bummer. Hands down though, girl, you made it work! You will not be "OUUT" as Heidi Klum would say.

  6. Great job, about the cheetah, Quinn was going to a Christian preschool, & had to be either a bible character or an animal, so found the shoes, the fabric was white(why I don't know, so I had to dye it yellow, prefect match.

  7. They look fabulous! you are great at improvising!

  8. strong work! Such a cute cowgirl!

  9. You are way too creative! one day I MIGHT make some costumes. BTW thanks for the hair compliment! We have a new resident hair dresser in our ward since Melissa moved out, and she is AMAZING!- I give her all the credit. I'm glad youu guys had a fun Halloween in another country!

  10. cute Asher and Ivy!
    what is your costume? and John's?

  11. I love reading about your adventures in Dubai! It always gives me confidence about living a full and amazing life abroad. Speaking of...we may be in China and India in March for a month for Jeff's job. Maybe we can make a quick trip over to Dubai :)

  12. I love reading your blog entries - they always make me laugh. cutest kids and greatest stories.