Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas card/ holiday greetings!*

I love getting and sending Christmas cards.  In the past it's always been a fun point of contact with old friends.  Now with blogs and facebook, I feel like I have that contact a little more often- maybe it's not necessary to send a Christmas card, but I want to do it anyway, and I want to get cards anyway (I know it's all about giving not receiving).  I love seeing pictures of kids or spouses or vacations, I love feeling close even though it's been years since we talked and I just love getting good old fashioned mail!!!

Of course, I won't be getting my cards in the mail until I'm in the U.S. and if I am really on top of things, I will have them addressed and ready to send when I get there, but let's be honest. When have I ever been that "on top of things"?
I am thinking about it and it's not even Thanksgiving yet, that's a start right?
SO, if you're still sending holiday greetings and we're on you're mailing list (which we would love to be), don't send it to Dubai, send it to my parents house in AZ. 
If you need that address, send me an email toriaclason at gmail
(I probably need to gather a few addresses myself, so send me yours and you'll be sure to get a card!)


speaking of cards.  My incredibly talented sister-in-law Emily has designed an assortment of holiday greetings that she is selling through her blog.  They are beautiful, go check them out and place an order!!!  The hard part might be deciding which ones to order.  She's not making a penny of profit on the sales and I can't imagine how many hours she spent designing them.  The cost for the cards is strictly to cover printing and a small donation to the Nie recovery fund. Check it out here (if you didn't catch any of the previous links).

*I use the term "holiday greetings" not because I'm particularly interested in being PC (I'm not), but because I'm acknowledging those go getters who send their cards out Thanksgiving weekend and those of you like me who are lucky if they arrive before New Years, but would like to include Valentines among the "Happy holidays" everyone refers too.

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