Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a couple of Asher stories

Coming from a variety of different countries, many of Asher's friends have quite unique names. My favorites, in terms of names, are "Fenway" and "End Zone"

Their given names are actually Finlay and Enzo, but if I say them correctly,  Asher corrects me. I think he likes his sports terminology.
He also has a friend named Alp (as in the mountain. singular?) His name sounds a little like Owe (as in ouch) from all the kids.
Did I mention we're still trying to come up with a name for our baby?  Any suggestions.
LAst week I let Asher ride ahead of me at the park.  We agreed on a meeting spot and he promised to wait there and not go off with ANYBODY until Ivy and I arrived.  We were separated for longer than I anticipated and I started to get a little worried.  Thankfully, he was right where I asked him to meet me.  That night at dinner, he mentioned that while waiting for me he met a man in the park with a "BIG HUGE bike, and he was big and huge and had brown skin that didn't match [mine] and tatoos and I said 'hi' and told him that I was waiting for my mom, and I wasn't even scared because I told him you would be there soon"
well, that's comforting- he's informing strangers that his mom isn't around!  Strangers that to him looking kinda scary. I guess the description sounded worse coming from Asher than my re-typing of it, but as he was telling the story, John just looked at me like "what were you thinking?"
fortunately, when I further questioned him on a later day, he said that he didn't have tattoos and he wasn't that big, and his bike was the same size as Daddy's.  
I'm assuming it was one of the landscape workers who are usually Sri Lankan (no offense, but they aren't exactly big burly men), and they are always very kind and friendly.  I'll still keep a closer eye on him.

I fell asleep for a little bit while Ivy was napping and Asher was watching a little movie.  I woke up when I heard him in the kitchen getting himself something to eat.  I knew I should go in there, but I was so tired I just kept half sleeping.  Plus, I knew that we didn't really have any treats or things that he shouldn't be getting into, so I just left it.  When I heard him come out of the kitchen I opened my eyes and asked him what he was eating.  He tilted his cereal bowl forward so I could see what was in it.  oh good I thought "Yogurt?" mind you my eyes were a little glazed and he just smiled.  I then looked closer as he proudly announced "Not yogurt, Sugar!"
and he was all ready to eat it by the spoonful!
I knew I had to hide the nutella and chocolate chips, but plain white sugar!?!
*disclaimer, my parents are probably laughing because he gets this from me. I don't even want them to list all the sweet things I used to try and eat ALL the TIME!  I have grown up a little bit.

a couple of photos of Asher (because everyone likes a post with photos) from last week when John took Asher to the Dubai autodrome for an afternoon at the races.  They got to watch cars and motorcycles and explore the pit area as well as climb on and in the vehicles.  They had a great time.  They went to watch "End Zone's" dad who is a professional race car driver!  How cool is that?  Oh and a little FYI from John, Enzo is the first name of Mr. Ferrari- you know the car guy. (probably where Asher's little friend got his name considering the father's profession).


  1. They are 2 peas in a pod! Abel took advantage of a VT visit and started eating jam straight from the jar. I took a picture of course which only encouraged him later to try it again. Did Scott ever tell you about his sister Laura (have you met her) who would take a spoonful of CRISCO and coat it with sugar and then eat it!? Gross.

    Name suggestions: Abel was fond of Mater and McQueen. I'm sure Asher would agree. :)

  2. Yeah, I caught Jonah with a mouthful of sugar just TODAY! he's 8 mind you. gotta go with something Old Testament again, just because of the timing and location. Abraham, Isaac,Abed-nego perhaps.

  3. I think you should name the baby something cool and unusual since you live in Dubai. How about Abu Dhabi? It kind of has a cute ring to it, think about it, Abu and Ivy, like two peas in a pod. You are having a girl right?

  4. Okay so you're having a boy. I totally knew that. I was just joking for sure. How about Oman or Yemen. That's much better than Abu Dhabi anyway. Oman and Asher, two peas in a pod.

  5. hey there! I just wanted to let you know we were up at your moms house after my surgery. I dont know if she told you what was going on. It's was great to see your dad and Cassie. We don't get up there as much as we should.
    Oh about Asher eating sugar - it's all good, my sisters used to eat Butter plain! YUCK!

  6. Hey Toria...I can't find your email address. I also need your address for Christmas cards. Are your plans all set for next week? Email me!

  7. I love the names of the friends. Hope you are coming along with your little guys name. WE have no clue on names. Hope to see your family over the holidays.

  8. I remember sneaking butter like it was cake frosting. Mmmmm. That was good.