Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oregon top four

back to my top four re-caps.

A couple days after arriving in Utah, we packed 4 adults (me and 3 sisters-in-law) and 4 kids (Asher, Ivy and cousins Harrison and Claire who are the same age as Ivy) into the only car rental we could find that would seat 8 people.  All the mini-vans were taken and most of the suburbans only seated 7.  Needless to say it was a tight fit. We had a long drive ahead and thanks to Annie and Emily (the drivers) we made it safely and rolled into Ashland at 2 am? 
our Ashland top four:

My top 4:
  1. Watching the Olympics- we didn't really need to be in Ashland to do this (but I did need to be in the U.S. to fully enjoy the network coverage and all the background stories). Favorite past time after the babies went to bed every evening.
  2. The garden.  I can't say enough about Lesley's garden and how much I love it. I love it! It's not only beautiful, it's delicious! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I was a little too early for the full harvest- but I enjoyed the strawberries, raspberries, peaches, squash and tomatoes.
  3. Growing Green! I just loved being outside- we spent time at the park, the pool and again in the yard and garden daily.  We've missed laying in the grass and enjoying summer.  Dubai has been too hot- Oregon was warm too, but a much needed vacation from the desert!
  4. Family and Friends- I am so lucky to have such fabulous family who I adore and friends who I inherited by marrying John.  I couldn't ask for better.
Asher's top 4:
  1. Seeing his old buddies (cousins next door, friends at church and his preschool/ church favorite- Colson)
  2. Being "home" inside and out: Riding on the lawnmower, digging in the sand, running in the grass, swinging, blowing bubbles, roasting a hotdog (but not eating it) and riding the scooter.
  3. Uncle Dan (and all the Aunts too- but since Uncle Dan was the only Uncle in town- he gets to be on the list)
  4. Nana and Grandpa (reading and playing his favorite games- he remembered everything like we just left their house last week)
Ivy's top 4:
  1. Strawberries and rasberries (picking and eating)
  2. Cousins- being the oldest of the babes she certainly liked to show what she could do 
  3. Water- baths, kiddie pool, hose, and lithia park.
  4. Nana and Grandpa
We had a great trip.  Thank you all who made it happen for us.
and by the way- there are a lot more than 4 things that we loved about being in Ashland- but as you can see, I wrote PLENTY.  Sorry to anyone one or thing that was left off.


  1. love the pics. Especially Ivy's little tush.

  2. Yay! Thanks for posting pictures, the kids look so happy to be there. Some of my best memories are of my grandma's garden and eating everything out of it as a kid. Is that a leaf or a butterfly decorating Ivy's tushy?

  3. it's actually dirt, I just didn't get a good angle of it! It was hilarious to me how happy she was being out there naked.