Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Split happens"

that's a direct quote from our newly called branch president at church when he spoke in church Friday.  

Rumors have been buzzing around since I returned from the States a couple weeks ago that our ward at church (congregation) would be split in half because it's getting so big, we can't all fit in the building and the growth is expected to continue.  Admittedly, I didn't like hearing the rumors.  You know me- I love crowds, big groups, the more the merrier. I also love seeing lots of friends for the primary and teenage kids.  Splitting would change that, no matter how it was done. I was so sad hearing the rumors.

However, last week the Stake Presidency flew into town and on Friday they split our very large ward into two congregations- a ward and a branch.  We are in the branch which isn't much smaller, it just is easier to form than a ward and we are told we should be a ward by the first of the year.  I'm still a little sad, but mostly I have been surprised at how optimistic and positive I feel about these new changes.  It gives us a chance to get closer as a smaller group, I can still socialize with the same people in either congregation of course, and Asher's primary class was cut in half, but is still large (6 kids), Ivy will also have a good size nursery group.  I'm hopeful that both the branch and ward will continue to grow in numbers and I am amazed that here in Dubai we now have 3 church congregations (they split this ward just 2 years ago as well).  I can thank prayer for my change of heart about things.


  1. That is pretty funny that the bishop actually said that, glad you're having a good attitude about it all, I wouldn't want to see you so upset you move to Pakistan, it's dangerous there!

  2. okay, first I miss you so much! and seeing pictures of Lesley makes me miss her too. I wish we had just hopped on a plane and headed for Ashland. second, you are amazing. I wish I had an attitude and ability to make friends they way you do. I do not like the ward here and am having such a hard time really finding friends. can you please send me some of your magic friend-making abilities? I am trying, really. But I just keep wishing that the people were more like the ones in Boston.

    Asher, and Ivy especially, look gigantic. And I am so excited for a cute Clason third. How are you feeling? We need to talk soon.

    love, Anna

  3. Hi Toria! It's hard to believe they split your ward. So much growth! I would LOVE to chat with you again. Email me and we can find a time to talk again. I still can't believe you're pregnant!! How are you feeling?

  4. Hey Toria!! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love to catch up with old friends and see their cute families! Sounds like you guys are having a fun adventure in Dubai. My husband joined the air force to pay for school and he really wants to go foreign for his payback time, but I think I am too wimpy. If he gets his way I'll have to ask you for some tips. Feel free to stop by any time! Your kids are adorable!