Sunday, September 14, 2008

weak conference?

it may have just been a lucky day, and I may be gloating a little too early in the season, BUT along with BYU's win over UCLA (what was the score again?) came 3 other Mountain West Conference wins over the elite, "tough schedule," Pac 10 schools.

TCU vs Stanford 31-14
New Mexico vs Arizona 36- 28
UNLV vs Arizona State 23-20 

What's up with the big bowl game reward for our Conference champ being a match up with #4 of the Pac 10?  What?  #4?  Whoever our Conference champ is come November (BYU please?), better be playing in Phoenix! 
and Utah already had their turn.


  1. Sorry Charlie, but it is going to be Utah!!!

  2. Is this really Toria talking? Must be John!

  3. rah rah rah-rah-rah rah rah rah-rah-rah goooooooooooooo COUGARS! We were loving this weekend as well :)

    Hey...our blog finally went private and I need your email address so we can add you to the blog permission site. Just send it to

    Hope you guys are doing well!!! I love to read about your amazing adventures. Thailand 2009???

  4. As Carl says or sings I should say! "Rise and Shout the Cougars are out!" We went to the ASU game this weekend! Holy bananas! It was fun though! He was even singing the Cougar fight song to himself! LOL!
    We cheered when they showed the BYU score! Even though we watched it that day! Do you guys get so see the games on anything?

  5. Toria!!
    Yeah BYU!! I'm a true blue Cougar too. We loved the game. And I had no idea you were pregnant!! Yeah!!!!! How fun to have another little one on her/his way. I've been gone a lot this summer and have been busy with back to school so I haven't checked your blog for awhile. Are you on facebook? I've found so many BYU and Jerusalem friends there. If you go on, look me up. :) Anyway, I'm SO happy for you and your family. What are your baby names??

  6. Go cougars! Did you find out what your baby is?

  7. Hello!! Go BYU! Now that we have a son there we are back in the BYU scene and lovin' it. I'm new at blogging, how did you get your pictures into your header?

  8. Jessica, this is really me- Toria. I thought you knew what a college football fan I am. John wasn't even home, he was in Russia- so I wrote the post partly as a way of conversing with him too. I'll lay off writing about the football in my blog for a while. Maybe.