Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Check out this headline.

Last week at church they shared this headline from the pulpit. 

(you can read the article by clicking on the headline above). 

While the use of the word "temple" is inaccurate, the news is still exciting- just think how much more exciting it will be when the wording is correct.  Someday!
Until then- we're assigned to the Frankfurt temple district which means we'll probably visit the temple again when we go home or on maybe we should plan a vacation to Hong Kong or Tahiti or Nigeria or Fiji or Australia!


  1. okay so couldn't make the link work, but I'm assuming it must be a church you're talking about if not a temple? Anyway someday huh, did you hear about the temples they are building here?

  2. Cool article! It sounds like Dubai will see church buildings in the not too distant future. Definitely interesting news!

  3. That's funny how they used temple and church synonymously. That would've been neat to be there while they built the first temple. Who knows, maybe they will soon. So, we would love to see you while you're in Utah at the end of the summer. As it gets closer, let us know if you can squeeze us into your plans.

  4. Hey Toria I was just wondering if you ever got the email I sent you. Anyway if you didn't get it leave a comment on my blog with your address again. It seems that the email didn't go through the first time and then I resent it.

  5. so dubai isn't looking as glamorous as I pictured it. How is living in the Middle East anyway? You coming to visit anytime soon? It was so fun seeing you right before you moved. Your kids are so cute!!