Thursday, July 10, 2008

Proud to be an American

(the kids were less than cooperative getting their pictures taken.  Hopefully I can get some better shots another day, although I love Ivy just standing their waiting for Asher to get his shoes on so they could get the photo shoot over with.  It didn't happen and the sun was down so here's them in real life!)

The thought of celebrating the 4th of July without my country made me a little sad.  However, we were blessed with a wonderfully patriotic weekend.  Since the 4th was a Friday, it was our Sabbath day.  I saw this cute dress for Ivy and I couldn't resist.  So we started our Independence Day celebrations by attending church!  How grateful I am for freedom to practice religion.  

The celebrations continued and so will I, tomorrow.  Good night for now.


  1. So is Ivy walking???!!! She is so big! I really miss you guys. I hear you probably won't make it back to the states this August? I wish it was as easy as just getting on the plane. Hope all is well.

  2. Happy 4th! i wondered what it would be like celebrating in another country. Love Ivy's dress!!

  3. I love Ivy's dress. It's always different being in another country for the fourth. Hopefully you guys can be here next year.

  4. LOVE her dress. Hey can you email me? I need some info drew keeps leavin me comments and I can't email him back.