Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sprinklers- and humming a favorite Boston tune!

The sprinklers came were on in the middle of the day- it's HOT so we had to take advantage.

Asher ran
I took photos
We laughed
I thought "where are all the other kids?"
Asher said "this is fun!" and "watch me!"
I thought "isn't it inefficient to water grass at 2:00 in the afternoon?"
I also thought "maybe no other kids are out because running in the sprinklers sort of loses novelty status after a while- even if it is hot"
Asher said "we're so lucky we didn't miss this" (we saw the sprinklers on yesterday, but they turned off before we got out the door) 


the maintenance worker who was adjusting the sprinkers approached us and in very broken English he said something to the effect of:
"Mam, water, very dirty, very bad, very very dirty" and shook his head.

So, I grabbed Asher, went inside and gave him a good thorough shower and a long bath hoping that running with his tongue out wasn't going to make him sick.   I wondered "how dirty is that water?" and "it must be pretty bad since he's from FILL IN BLANK and I know that's NOT a very clean country."and "so maybe this is why we were the only ones outside".  I also reminded myself that I am in a foreign country.

Asher had fun and I enjoyed watching him and spending some one on one time while Ivy napped.  AND so far so good- no weird skin reactions, bowel movements or abdominal pain.
but I do have the Red Sox song stuck in my head- "love that dirty water- duh duh du....."


  1. Hey Toria,
    I just found your blog and been trying to catch up with all of your adventures! I can't believe how much Asher has grown, and Ivy is just a doll. About the water...they use reclaimed water to irrigate here in San Diego, it's basically untreated gutter water. Everyone's kids drink out of the gutter like mine right? right?

  2. at least the man was kind enough to warn you...even if it was after the fact. looked like fun though. you might want to stick to pools from here on out though!

  3. If it doesn't kill 'em........right?! Zachy lays face down in the gutter and drinks - what can you do? Asher looked like he was having so much fun - how fun would it have been to have Matthew and Jacob there too?! They'll be friends some day! And that picture makes it look like you're back living in CA! Green grass, stucco houses, right?

  4. I ma dying right right now!! That is sooo funny! That man must have been thinking you were INSANE! So glad you gt good pics...what a hilarious memory! SO glad you guys are doing well!

  5. We have untreated water here too... Asher is so big and way too cute! Love you all.

  6. First peanut butter, then sewage water! What kind of a mother are you! But I guess I'd just have to agree with Sheen, if it doesn't kill him it will only make him stronger.

  7. what a great story! How is the foreign country anyway? Looks like you're making the best of it! Your kids are adorable. Love seeing the pictures. When is your next visit anyway??

  8. That makes me laugh, we would have done the same thing, who would know you couldn't run through the sprinklers! I guess you'll learn something Dubaish every day!

  9. I love the pictures. Looks like Asher is having a great time.

  10. Gotta loved reclaimed water!

  11. but he looks so happy playing in it. :)

  12. We are constantly the most jealous people of your experience...well, I am. Britt's coming along. Find us a job and we'll move in next door!