Monday, May 5, 2008

oh yes he did

and yes, I'm really blogging about it.
our most recent experience with Dubai traffic
lots of cars all lined up, moving very slowly
no side roads
or exits 
or gas station to pull over
hot and dusty outside
a restless 3 year old needing relief
mom driving (or sitting at the steering wheel wanting to drive, but traffic isn't moving)
dad not in vehicle
sister safely buckled in.
empty water bottles
a 3 year old who can get unbuckle and get out when given permission
permission granted. 
don't spill.

what would you have done?
I was proud . We averted disaster, screwed the lid on tight, drove home, found the trash and washed our hands.  Oh and we took the picture. 



  1. Did you use the funnel you have for women to make it a little easier?

    That is too funny. I am sure John was a very proud dad that day. It seems like some sort of right of passage.

  2. Yeah - our boys would definitely be best buds!! Does Asher water the grass/bushes?! Gotta love being a mom of boys!!

    We'd LOVE to live by you guys - we're outta Tejas in 1-2 years. Maybe we'll be living internationally, maybe in New would be great to land the same place next time!!

  3. Been there. Done that. Would do it again. Water bottles are life savers, no? :)

  4. Wow Asher - impressive volume.

  5. LOL!!!!

    Good job Asher! That is a lot of liquid!

  6. So funny! We tried this the other day driving around in San Fran but Bennett got a little stage fright and wasn't able to relieve himself. We'll have to work on it because look how handy that was.

  7. no kidding about the volume! I don't know how he held that much in. Ridiculous! Totally agree about the right of passage. I was just happy he was willing to do it so easily! I guess if he was a girl I might had had to hurry and put a diaper on him? Lesson learned, ALWAYS keep extra water bottles full or empty.

  8. To answer your question about girls . . yes. . . a diaper. But it freaks them out a little, and they can't brag about volume!

  9. I think this is what I'm going to have to start doing out on the playground. It has been outlawed and we're probably the main reason why! :) O.K., nothing to be proud about (being the reason), but I really don't want to trek in the house every 15 minutes for spencer. We've done this in the car before, don't know why I never applied it to the playground! And I agree, that's an outrageous amount of pee! :)

  10. That is awesome Torio. You were only doing what any good mom would do, right?! RIGHT!

  11. So funny! I can't believe that he did that, I think it would take a lot of convincing to get my boys to do that. We haven't run into that situation yet. A couple of my friends that have girls keep little portable potties in their cars at all times. This mom stuff gets a little out of hand!

  12. If it was really standstill traffic I'm sure you could have just let Asher out and have him pee in the street. The Europeans have their kids do that all the time, maybe Dubai is the same.

  13. I can't tell you how many times we've employed the bottle. Boys are so convenient. Girls on the other hand, I could only wish it was that easy :) I love that you took a picture. Now he'll be asking for a empty bottle any time you're out!

  14. He is pretty talented...I've had a few car experiences myself and haven't been so lucky! Hope you guys love it there...I miss Ivy's cute outfits!!

  15. That is hilarious, a little gross, but more funny, I love that you even took a picture! I'll have to try that sometime.

  16. LOL! Even Gabe has a picture to proof it too. Must have something to do when they are that age! And yes we have a picture. Just not of the evidence! LOL! BTW what are you giving that boy to drink?!!

  17. Love it, Toria! Loving hearing about your overseas adventures, too!

  18. That is fabulous! I'm so glad you took a picture...for posterity, at's pretty gross!

    I love reading your blog and hearing about your adventures!

    Happy Birthday to John, too!