Monday, April 28, 2008

a roof over our heads

We found a place to live when our stuff arrives on the big ship in a couple weeks (every time we go to the beach and Asher sees a ship or barge out in the water he asks  "is that the ship our stuff is gonna come on?").   I'm really excited about our soon to be home.  It has lots of space,  lots of kids in the neighborhood (at least I saw a lot of little bikes, sandboxes, trampolines and playhouses), grass you can walk barefoot in right outside our backdoor, a barbeque on the back patio left by the previous tenant, a pool gym and playground about 100 yards away (also out the backdoor), a big kitchen, no stairs, extra room for guests (come visit please), a neighborhood school that I hear wonderful things about, and a short commute for John.  I think we'll love it and I hope I'm right!  

We spent a good amount of time looking at different neighborhoods, searching the internet and newspaper, and talking to agents on the phone before we found a place we liked, in our budget, and available. 
While looking for a house to live in Asher assured me: "there are no houses in Dubai mom"  
me: "sure there are Asher, we just have to find one we like."
A: "no mom, only Oregon and Arizona have houses."
me: "you want to find a house in Arizona or Oregon? (ahhh, he misses family and friends- me too).  But we live in Dubai, let's find a house we like here" 
A: "A house is got to have a roof. Dubai houses don't have roofs. You know what a roof is?  A roof goes like this shwish, shwish, shwish (while using his finger to draw a shape in the air for me). Dubai houses don't have roofs.  Dubai doesn't have any houses mom. Sorry."

he really did say "sorry", and he's shared this housing fact multiple times since.

*photo is of Asher's latest morning craft time with me while Ivy naps.  He is getting really good at cutting and gluing, I only supervised and gave a few pointers about cutting out circles and getting enough glue on.  "We wish we could find a house like this"(-also quoted from Asher in reference to his artwork)

here are a couple photos of different houses here and a pic of an apartment building similar to what we're in now.  I took the first shot this morning- the backdrop says it all.  That is Dubai- construction in every direction.

As you can see, most of the houses and apartments are flat on the top.  We're hoping our new place feels a little like home, even if it isn't a house and doesn't have a roof.


  1. Congrats on finding a house! Searching and searching is such a pain. I bet it will be like Christmas when all your stuff arrives... Asher remembering toys and things he has! Love you and miss you!

  2. Dan and I absolutely love your posts. Asher has become our favorite little person with the things he says. Dan is mad you didn't bring him over with you that morning we had crepes. I'm glad things are going well for you in Dubai. Love you lots.

  3. I love the art project. Plus, how wonderful to finally have found a place and your stuff is coming soon. Yeah! Good luck getting moved in.

  4. I'm so glad you found a house Toria! And Asher sounds adorable. I'm so glad we got to talk the other day. We'll have to do it again!


  5. Toria! That time thing on your blog is crazy, it seems so weird! All your pictures make Dubai look so pretty, maybe you will get visitor's? I love that Asher wants a roof, very cute. And, I love the upside down picture Ivy!

  6. I'm glad you found a house. I'm sure Asher will feel more settled when all your stuff gets there! Asher must be very bright because that is a very good pic for a little guy.

  7. I like Asher's house, I would want to live there too. Glad you found one that would work, even if the roof doesn't go swish swish swish.