Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dubai creek

I've felt a tiny sense of urgency to get out, see, and do things before the heat of the summer arrives.  I don't like feeling the urgency, but I do like that we've done more than sit inside all day. Last week I took the kids to the old part of the city.  There a handful of large souks down there on both sides of the creek.  There's a textile souk, spice souk, gold souk and the old souk which apparently sells everything from electronics to knock off watches and purses.  The souks line both sides of Dubai creek and there are little water taxi's that take people back and forth across the creek.  I thought that we would have fun on the boat ride (it's only about 25 cents each direction) and I might enjoy seeing what deals I could find or what sense of culture I could absorb.  Unfortunately, Asher was too scared to get on the boat (what?) and I didn't really push as I was a little nervous about boarding the boat with two kids and stroller (as you can see from the picture, there isn't much to prevent kids from falling off).  We did explore the textile souk and were invited into one shopkeeper's secret back room where he tried to sell me some designer purses or watches.  Since I don't have an ounce (or should I say gram) of style when it comes to handbags and purses, I disappointed the shopkeeper and left empty handed after he offered me "best deal of day!" Everything just looked so fancy or heavy or non-functional.  We did spend 10 dirhams (about $2.50) on an Emirates t-shirt for Asher and another couple bucks on some chicken shawarma and fresh fruit for lunch.  Asher didn't want any of the lettuce and tomatoes in his, just chicken and flat bread so I made him go instruct the nice man on how to make his.  It was a good day, we'll have to go back with John to ride the boats or without the kids to do some real shopping (although I still need some of my style savvy friends to help me out in the purse department- I still carry a gray corduroy levi's brand tote that doubles as a diaper bag- is that bad?)



  1. That's a cool story, Toria. You guys should have gotten on the boat!


  2. The more I read, the more I want to come visit.

  3. My sister's help me in the purse department...since I am naturally a "backpack purse" kinda of girl. Wait for the trip we all take to Bangkok and I'll hook you up with my fakie purse shops...way cheeper! :)
    I would have loved to see you, your kids and the stroller on that boat...hahahaha:) love it!

  4. I read the whole post and all I saw was knockoff purses. Count me in! Too bad you live so far, I'm impressed with your venturing out by yourself!