Wednesday, March 5, 2008

we've got another dirty little mouth

She's got a dirty mouth, not from saying naughty words, but from putting everything in it.  I always felt lucky when Asher was younger and crawling around.  He didn't really put anything in his mouth other than food (and flip flops- that was gross but easy to avoid.) Ivy is quite the opposite. She loves to find the littlest piece of lint, small toys, ribbon, socks and the big wooden puzzle pieces. I'm sure it's all because I laughed when my friend Anna's little Grant and other friend Anna's little Ben, tried to eat the the playground and the beach (sorry girls- I now understand). Not to worry, I am "baby proofing" and keeping things like legos and coins out of reach. I'm also mastering the finger swipe.  Now that she's crawling she manages to find more and more and she loves to carry the bigger things around like a little puppy dog.  
She's so darn cute though, I love her even if she does have a dirty mouth.


  1. It was so fun to see you guys. I hope you made it to the store in time. I'll post the pictures from Mesa soon. We love you guys and I hope the next while goes well for you, especially the trip over.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL niece I have! We miss you all.

  3. she's such a cutie, I just want to squeeze her, watch the little toys though, we had a couple close choking calls with Hallie!