Monday, March 3, 2008

quick update

Movers packed and picked up our stuff on Saturday and it's headed for Dubai by boat. My parents, my in-laws, my siblings and my husband have been wonderful in helping me prepare for the move. I left Oregon, stayed a few days in Utah and we're now in Arizona. No more anxiety. However, I'm sure a little will resurface as I prepare for the flight (for whatever reason I always get a little bit of anxiety before traveling anywhere, by plane or car).

We're moving to Dubai (as originally planned). We will be there until we decide to move elsewhere. Maybe a year, maybe more. His company does a lot of international work, so the possibility of living somewhere else is high, but for now, we're taking things one step at a time. Sorry to leave so many of you hanging for the past couple weeks after writing my conspiracy theory. I was, however, appreciative of all the additional evidence that supported it, your e-mails and comments made me laugh- my favorite: John's shaved head
lends itself nicely to wigs and disguises.

safe, excited to get our four member family back in-tact, looking forward to the adventures that await, hoping that e-mail, blogs, and skype will help keep us in touch with friends, and inviting anyone that wants to come visit to do so! Seriously. mi villa es su villa.


  1. i am still in denial. Please don't move over seas. We went to a potluck at the Westgate lounge last night and it made me so sad - the last time we ate dinner there, you guys lived here. I came home and cried. We miss you guys. But I know the people in Dubai will love you too. What an adventure.

  2. We will miss you dearly, but are so excited. I hope I can be as brave as you someday! (wishful thinking) Lots of luck.

  3. Wow, Toria! I'm so excited for your family, and just a little jealous. My grand plan was to raise my kids overseas, and somehow I've ended up in. . .Utah??

    If I come into some money, can I come visit you?

  4. Toria! I wish I was there for your fun night at Westgate. Good luck with everything and keep in touch. Can't wait to hear what its like in Dubai!

  5. We love you and will miss you all! Please keep us posted on your travels, experiences and Asher's ever growing vocabulary! Give Ivy a sweet kiss from Claire!

  6. All right lady...when do we meet up with you guys in the Maldives...Phuket...Bangkok...etc.. I plan on blogging through my whole trip so I can entice you guys to travel with us. We leave in 20 days and counting!!! :) Keep us posted on your move. What an exciting life!!!