Thursday, March 6, 2008

"new favorite word"

so last week we were visiting our friends the Brooks and Asher had to use the bathroom.  
Asher: "mom, I have to go potty"
Me: "great, you can use their bathroom, it's really cool" (I try to get excited about him using a bathroom away from home.  He's never had an accident outside the house, but there's always a first)
Asher (upon entering the bathroom): "Whoa, this is a HUGE bathroom.  Dam!"
Me (trying to act as if what he said was normal): "what did you say?"
Asher (as if what he said was normal): "I said dam. It's my new favorite word. Dam."
Me: "but what does it mean?" 
Asher: "It's part of a spaceship. A dam. Can you help me get my pants down, I need to go potty."
Me: speechless (although, I wanted to start laughing. I waited. However, I decided to drop it and worry about it if he starts using it more often. It's been about a week and since then we have built lots of spaceships (no resurfacing of the word) and we even drove across a dam on our way from Utah to Arizona.  However, I have been hearing him use the term "darn-it" quite often lately.  
this is Asher with his spaceship that we built tonight (notice the pink lego piece on the back and the blue (out of focus) heart on the front.  This is a lego collection from my parents house and I think the "girl" legos belonged to Cassi.  Sorry for the hood ornament John- that's what he gets when I'm the one helping him build and his Dad is far far away :(


  1. Hey Toria, that's a funny story. IT's crazy how they pick up words. Unfortunately Lance has picked up some cuss words (sp?), since we let him watch movies with us. I.e. spiderman, transformers, etc. WE don't watch those anymore (from redbox), our movie selection is now down to firehouse dog and snowdogs, or something like that. A friend suggested I look up the definition on the internet, so lance can know what it means and choose not to say it. The definition confused me (o.k. not really, but a 4 year old? common!), yeah, that didn't help. Anyway, he doesn't say it anymore, but one thing he does say is, "Mom, we don't say 'oh my god', we say 'oh my gosh'" But, he says it often enough that I have to constantly remind him that he doesn't have to remind me! :) Kids, they're hilarious.
    Love v
    p.s. great ship!

  2. Asher, you kill me!! Toria, I don't know how you kept a straight face. We miss you guys!

  3. Wow T that was hilarious! Still laughing. What an awesome kid. Love you guys, miss you too:(

  4. I LOVE the story!!!I am just rolling over it! He seems like such a character! I wonder where he gets all this personality from...hmmm ;)

  5. Kids are so funny. I love to listen to the things that Tyler comes up with. Whenever she drops something she says "oh dangit!". I love the pictures of Asher, he really is a genius! Thanks for your input on bragging about my kid.
    I hear your still in town, we need to get together again.

  6. Toria, don't you know you have to be careful what you say around kids, you don't even notice you're using a word until you hear them use it. Time to clean up your act! Too funny. But that must have been some dam big bathroom!

  7. What a hilarious story, I am totally laughing out loud! Good luck with the move, that is such an adventure for you!

  8. Toria,
    I quit reading blogs for a bit and come back only find that your kids are grown up and saying funny things and you're moving to Du-wha? Now I need to google this country and find out where in the world it is! I am ever curious about your husband's "real estate development" career path:). Very Interesting! Good luck going to where ever you are going. It will be fun, I'm sure!