Thursday, February 14, 2008

little miss

I just uploaded a bunch of pictures to my computer last night and I couldn't help but smile at a couple of these pics of little miss Ive.
a few weeks ago Asher was telling my mom about his little sister "Ive"
my mom: "that's cute, so Asher calls her Ive?"
Asher (from the backseat of the car): "Ive (pause) or Ivy (longer pause) or maybe, chunkaroo"

He also calls her "little-chunk", "ivy-licious", "chubbers" or "I-V-Y".  I think Dad had something to do with those names.  AND, now that she's mobile, more of her personality is coming out as well, and unlike her brother, she's pretty fearless.  I have a feeling that in a few years Asher may have to avoid using nick-names that make reference to her baby chub.


  1. She is sooooo cute in these pictues! I especially love the 2nd one! hahahahahaha so cute. ;)
    Love, V

  2. man I can't wait to see you guys. Your children are adorable! We love you!

  3. Ummm.... very cute hat! Where did you get that? Can't wait to see you guys.

  4. Oh my goodness, she is precious! I love the look on her face!
    Little C's nickname was "Squishy" for a long time. The minute I saw him the line: "hey little fella, i shall call you squishy and you shall be mine and you shall be my squishy" popped into my head and stuck.

  5. That second pic of Ivy is so cute. I also like the first one but that is just because Chase has that same pink pacifier.

  6. What cute pics!! That little Ivy is too adorable! p.s...I was with Michelle Bodine last night and she was freaking out that I new you and John. She says hi and she can't wait to check out your blog!

  7. I am crying over Asher's "...or maybe, chunkaroo"
    Hilarious! Both of your kids are way too cute!

  8. First of all - not hard to be more fearless than Asher (sorry Asher).

    Second - those nicknames are hysterical and I am laughing because Audrey has rolls all over and Grant never did. Clarke said she looks like Ivy. (sorry Ivy)

    Thirdly, forget India, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan - move back to Boston and then wherever we are going for med school. How are we going to survive a summer without the Clasons? I have barely made it through the winter. We need our beach buddies back and our So You Think You can dance buddies, and our Fuddruckers buddies and our playground buddies . . . you get the idea. We miss you.

  9. I think Asher and Abel are from the same mold. I wish we could get them together.

    Ive is absolutely adorable. You did well.

    Best of luck with moving and all that, Toria. You are brave and adventurous; I hope you get to see John soon (if he's really there... :) ) Scott and I enjoyed your description of John's education/jobs. Maybe you guys are "Alias" in real life.

    I know Saudi Arabia can be really modern...maybe that would be a good place.

  10. love the hat, we have a friend whose son is about to turn six and they still call him "chubs," a baby nickname, I think with a girl that would be a hard nickname to grow up with!

  11. Hey Toria,
    How are you? it's been way too long ...once again! story of our adult life. Your kids are beautiful and you and John look fabulous! Family life has been good for you. Are you really moving to Dubai? if so, i want to come visit. it's suppose to be unbelievable! will you email me at so we can chat and catch up? xoxo Jaime