Monday, December 3, 2007

Still here

I'm still here I just haven't posted much lately or responded to being tagged, but I will.  We have been busy tearing up my in-laws house (remodeling and putting in a new floor in the kitchen, living room and halls).  Cat has the pics if you want to check it out.  I've also been working on a primary Christmas video for the ward party this weekend.  Problem is, I've never made a video before, so while it should be pretty simple, I'm an inexperienced perfectionist who also tends to procrastinate a little as well (Hence, I'm writing this little post instead of editing video or sleeping). So, I'll be back online and involved soon.  

Until then, welcome to December, I hope everyone is enjoying the month- I love December and look forward to Christmas time and my little boy turning THREE- What?!?!

Oh and what do you think of the pictures?  Do we look different? I know the pictures have nothing to do with anything, but they
 just makes me laugh and I'm hoping that some of you might think they're funny too.  Or maybe it's just late.  


  1. The pictures are funny! How did you do them? You will have to give an update on how your Chrismas event goes, good luck!!

  2. I love those macs. Never fails to make me laugh, no matter how many times I see pictures like these. :) Have fun this season! I know you will....Veronica

  3. Pure Hilarity, I especially find the one of John funny. The one of you doesn't even look like you!

  4. Oh my gosh! Hilarious pictures. We missed you (and your soups!) at wreath-making on Wednesday. You sure have left your mark on this ward! Hope you guys are well and enjoying the season!

  5. Hey Toria! Your kids are so cute! We didn't even know that you had one, let alone two. Must be time to catch up. fun to see your cute little family.
    Natalie and Ryan

  6. Toria, I love hearing from you on my blog and hope to see you soon if not someday at all!! Your kids are adorable and I do love the funny pics. Hope you're doing great, it looks like it!! Miss you!