Thursday, December 6, 2007

chopping down the tree

so I envisioned a beautiful day (which it was), playing in the snow, taking pictures, chopping down some gorgeous noble fir trees and enjoying some good family bonding.  We got about half.  The weather was gorgeous but a little cold for Asher in his cotton socks and yellow rain boots (what kind of parents are we?) and probably a little cold for little Ivy who was bundled up, but way too young to appreciate or even be interested.  She enjoyed the back pack for all of maybe 20 minutes, and spent the rest of the time hanging out  in the truck with me and Asher while John helped chop down trees with his brother, uncle, and cousin and all the cousin kids (who were having a blast in sweat-shirts and unzipped coats- and they weren't cold.)  It was still fun to get up in the moutains and breathe the cool air, even if we did spend way more time in the car than we did in the snow.  Good thing we got the two pictures right after we got out of the car :)

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