Monday, November 26, 2007

November Sky.

Like father like son  OR like mother like son?

John would love his kid to get excited about the same things that excited him as a kid (rockets, space, legos). To John's delight,  Asher is starting to show interest in those things, however at the same time he is totally afraid of tons of things (a trait he gets from me).  Sometimes his fearfulness is good because it generally keeps him out of trouble and mischief, but other times I feel bad that I passed along the fear trait.  We had some friends come visit and John thought it would be fun to build and blast off rockets out in the field.  Asher was totally excited until we went to shoot them off.  Then he was scared of the noise and ran inside.  Eventually we got him to come back out and even launch one.  We just didn't anticipate having to convince him of how fun this would be.  Maybe when he's older?
sidenote:  we got out John's old legos about a week ago and everyday Asher is making "ships" and "rocketships" and flying them around or wheeling them around with all sorts of sound effects.


  1. Haha. I can totally appreciate this post - on several levels. First, I know Asher and I know you - "cute lips, mom" is still one of my favorite stories. Second, Grant is Clarke's identical twin and has my personality, which today is not a good thing because I am sick and he is stubborn and won't take a nap. It's tough seeing yourself in someone else sometimes. Here's hoping Audrey looks just like me and has Clarke's placid and easy-going personality.

    And here's hoping that maybe someday we will have a real conversation, and not just a blog conversation. sigh.

  2. I totally did the same thing to my son! Funny thing is, Hallie is fearless, so don't fret, it's just the way they come, I try to put fear into Hallie everyday and she doesn't get it. So you didn't do anything to him, and watch out because your daughter will probably be fearless!