Monday, October 15, 2007

Zero and a half.

Ivy is 6 months old! She's awesome and of course, we adore her. This is what's she's doing these days:

  • laughing at Asher especially. She is so fascinated and entertained by her older brother. It's very cute. He can make her giggle when the rest of us just draw a smile or a blank stare.
  • rolling all over. She has started traveling by rolling across the room. The other day I left her on the living room floor while I cooked and Asher napped. When I heard a thump and a cry, my heart jumped thinking "I didn't leave her on the couch did I?". I ran to find her 2 yards across the room crying where the wall stopped her from completing her roll.
  • jumping. she loves the Johnny jump up hand-me down of Cassi's from 20 years ago. It hangs in the doorway to the office and she can watch anyone at work on the computer.
  • eating. I just started feeding her the rice cereal. I still haven't been very consistent, but she certainly drinks a lot.
  • sitting up (without the bumbo). Ivy has been attempting sitting and playing for a couple of weeks now and each day she sits a little taller and waits a little longer to wobble over. Sometimes she cries, but with the new found interest in rolling (see above), sometimes she falls into perfect position and begins her travels.
  • giving kisses Ivy loves to give the open mouth kind to anyones cheek, chin or shoulder.
  • babbling- she makes all sorts of high pitched happy noises just to make her presence known. Sometimes it seems like an attempt to communicate with Asher as well.

  • napping John teases me about her 4 naps a day. Hey, whatever makes her happy.

  • balding ok well she's not exactly losing hair, but she doesn't seem to be growing any either and since I'm pretty sure the surface area of her head has been growing, that consitutes balding in my book.

  • bathing- talk about water-aerobics, she kicks happily the entire time, laying one her giant yellow sponge. This has got to be a full work out and since John reminds me that her rate of blow-out diapers has increased (I think we better start using name brand again), she is bathing a lot more.
Happy half birthday Ivy!


  1. toria, i love ivy's hats! she's so adorable.

  2. Hi T. I can't believe she's already 6 months old. What a doll. And how cute is Asher riding the duck. It looks like you had a fun time in Boston. We can't wait to hear where you guys end up next! Let us know if you're coming to Portland. +Katie

  3. Cute! I will have to show Grant these pictures in the morning :) We miss little Ivy and Asher.

  4. I think that's about my favorite age! She's such a doll. So no decision on where to live yet? Maybe Utah, it's exotic and fun, fun, fun, plus I might live there soon. Something to think about.

  5. We loved seeing you last week! I love my little niece and nephew!

  6. This title made me laugh because Seth always told people Chase was zero and a half when he was around that age. She is adorable and well equipped with hats!