Monday, October 15, 2007

Make way for ducklings?

If you've read the children's book you'll remember that the public garden in Boston is where Mrs. Mallard and Mr. Mallard decided to live and raise their little family because there are " foxes and no turtles and the people feed [them] peanuts. What could be better?"
When we were in Boston last week we made another visit to the Public Garden and visited the famous duck statues. If only looking for a home was as simple as it seemed to be for the Mallards. We're still trying to find a place where we can raise our little family. oh, but while we're discussing the book, who knew that ducks ate peanuts? and what's so bad about turtles? foxes I understand, but turtles? and does anyone know how to pronounce the duckling named Ouack? is it O-WAK or EW- WAK or ???
Anyway, I think it's late, these are some shots of my little ducklings with the famous ducklings. Some were last week, others were in May right after Ivy was born and others were September of last year. They're growing so fast! I'm not favoring children, Ivy just wasn't old enough to take as many pics.

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  1. Those pictures are so cute. I love Ivy's headband!! Asher is too cute! My boys are still talking about Asher and want to play with him all the time.