Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin patch field trip.

Asher's preschool class came on a field trip to the "farm" a.k.a. Nana's house a.k.a. teacher's house. It was so cute. I was so glad I finally got to see this and Asher got to be a part of it. Lesley has been having them come for about 8 years now and it's a cute tradition. They each pick a pumkin, take a picture by the scarecrow, ride the tractor that farmer/ Uncle Matt drove, feed the cows some apples, and glean* whatever was left growing in the garden (*thanks for the word Marla). It was a good time, Asher was so excited to show everyone around and cried when they all went home (so we had Colson stay for a couple hours and play). Happy Harvest at Camp Clason!


  1. Hey Tori - It's Amy! We were with your parents last night - they showed us more cute pics! How fun! I have a blog too. I'll add you to my page. You have some cute ones there! Sounds like life is good. I hope everything and everyone is good! Talk to ya soon! Love Amy

  2. Barry wants to know who the Amish farmer on the tracker is? haha! Looks like tons of fun. Ashland is such a great place and it would be great to live in such a culturally diverse place. There are definitly days that I wish that were lived there. There are so many wonderful things to do there and I love the "farm life". Ahhhhh, back to reality!