Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Normal Bread and Niagra Falls

We made it to Dustin's house late Tuesday night. They were great and had the room and beds all ready for us and it made bedtime easy since the kids were already asleep. The challenge on this road trip is Asher and bedtime. Up until we left 5 days ago, he slept in a crib. That made bedtime a lot easier since he rarely got out and loved to play in his crib with his cars until falling asleep.

We woke in the morning and enjoyed the beautiful views from their house and saw all the remodeling progress that they have made since November. Then we were off to the bakery to see the baker (my brother) himself and taste some of his yummy bread. We also took a few loaves for the road. It was a short stop but fun to see him and Cadence and we LOVE the bread. If you're taking a trip to Palmyra, heading to the fingerlakes area of New York, stop by his bakery in Geneva and get some yummy bread!

We said our goodbyes at the bakery and hit the road again. We hit Niagra Falls a few hours later and spent most of the afternoon there. It was fun to walk around the park and see the falls. The pictures don't do it justice, but it was cool and the weather was relatively cool. We weren't able to go to the Canada side (which probably has a better view) because both Asher and Ivy needed birth certificates and we just sent those off to get passports for the kids just in case John takes a job overseas. It didn't matter, it was still cool. We finally had our first day of driving more west than south or north, (5 days since we left Boston) so that was good.

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