Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Loved it!!!

Wednesday night I got to go with 3 very fun friends (Anna, Jennica and Christine) to see our favorite dancers on tour. We drove up to Portland Maine and I don't have a whole lot to say other than- LOVED IT!!! I loved being with the girls I miss those friendships since leaving Boston, I loved that the husbands were happy to take control of the kids and entertain them with pizza, Red Sox, and complicated bedtimes, and I loved seeing those dancers LIVE.

take away thoughts:
  • I think John and I should take a dance class
  • I think I should do a few sit-ups
  • I think Neil is cute! Cute in a mom sort of way not in a wife/ girlfriend sort of way although for some reason my throat was a little sore and my voice a little hoarse after the show.
  • I think I'm glad that Sabra won (that girl is ripped)although Danny is REALLY REALLY good and really really sweaty.
  • I think Sarah probably should have finished a little higher considering she was in so many of MY favorite dances (disco, jive, vagabond)
  • I think that I should make a playlist of the songs they danced to. It would make me smile when I listening to it and I think I might need a table to knock on and dance around the next time I hear "Sweet Dreams are Made of these".
  • I think John is wonderful for getting me the tickets and for enjoying my enjoyment.
  • I think I'm way more interested in joining team Jacob than team Edward - oh wait- sorry- different train of thought maybe I should finish the book.


  1. Jacob? It depends on where your point of view is, Nancy the mom, and the realist would choose Jacob, but come on T.C. live in fantasyland for a minute with Edward and get a porsche and be beautiful, that would be fun too. But worth your soul to become a vampire, of course not. Anyway I totally married a Jacob, so I can see choosing him too.

  2. TORIA! Love the blog - love your kids, love getting to see what you're up to again! NExt time you're in AZ - promise me you'll call/email. I will come babysit just to see you!
    I had to post when I saw you're reading the Jacob/Edward/Bella love stories ... I just interviewed the author, Stephenie, for a story. She's awesome and she lives here, too.
    Anyway, that's all. XOXO.

  3. hi, toria! this is jacque (beck) wallace. i found your blog through stephanie. how are you!? i love that you got to go see "so you think you can dance" on tour. love that show, too! hope you're doing great! you're wonderful, and i miss you!

  4. Toria - we were so thrilled to hear from you. You have an adorable family! You live so close too...Justin and Tiff were just down here visiting and we are planning a trip to Medford. Let's all meet up. Isn't blogging addicting - it's so great to reconnect.

  5. Congrats on the graduation to ALL of you! It takes a family to raise a daddy. I love seeing your new banner with all the pics of your cute family!

  6. Hi T.C. (I'm so glad those initials still work)! I love that show. Kimber and I always watched it before we went to play volleyball with the women in our stake. Sabra had my vote the whole way through. Love you! - Tami Gordon

  7. Toria, I saw your comment on Jacque's blog and just had to say hi. :) It's so fun to catch up with old friends on blogger. :) That's so awesome you got to go to the SYTYCD tour. I am sure it was awesome. By the way, a friend of mine made all of us two CD's of just SYTYCD songs . . . and I love them. I listen to them all of the time. Let me know if you want the list of songs, and I'll send it to you! :)