Saturday, October 6, 2007


We got to go back to Boston for John's graduation last week. We had a great time showing Nana and Grandpa around, and visiting with friends. It was a busy weekend with graduation festivities that we didn't do much other than that and walking the freedom trail. John presented his Thesis for a webcast his program was putting on and I was especially proud of him. The graduation ceremony was Saturday afternoon and it was great. There were only 35 people in John's class so it was a close-knit group and pretty fun and lively for a graduation. I'm glad he made the decision to go back to school last year, he learned a lot, worked really hard and met some wonderful people who I'm sure will remain friends of ours for years to come. Congratulations to us, I mean JOHN!!!!

More photos to come, this is just from one camera.

John Asher and Patrick (Asher's favorite of John's classmates)
John with buddy Matt (Matt and wife are expecting their first child in a couple months)
John and Yili with their real homework. (both babies born while still in school)


  1. I am so proud of you Toria, and my brother I guess (just kidding John, you are amazing). You both "wow" me with all your adventures. Hope you are having a good time in Ashland, I am really jealous. Give the babies kisses from Aunt Emily, Uncle Tim and cousin Claire!

  2. Congratulations John! Who knew you were such a rocket scientist! P.S. Toria I really like the new header. Cute pics.