Tuesday, June 26, 2007

summer vacation

It's been a long time since I've enjoyed summer vacation and not just a week or two here and there. I guess not as long as it's been for most people. Last time was probably the summer I graduated college and went to Ecuador for a few months and spent the rest of the summer looking for a job, taking little trips, water-skiing, writing for the Benson Institute, dating whoever and enjoying carefree summer vacation for what I thought might be one of my lasts. Thankfully it wasn't and I'm hopefully enjoying the first of many fun summer vacations with my kids. Granted this is technically my 3rd summer since quitting "outside employment", but last summer I was busy finishing up our house and/or keeping it clean and organized and myself available to sell it, and the summer before we were taking lots of little trips, learning to be a mom, having lots of house guests and living in a total fixer upper (the master bedroom was complete at the end of August).
This summer is great. I've enjoyed being outside almost every day and attemting a field trip or two every week. I may have to up the number of "field trips" in order to check off lots of things on our to do and see list before we move in a month and a half, but for now, we're just taking things one day at a time and I'm really loving it. I think Asher loves it too, but he gets too tired to do something every day, and Ivy is a trooper and so far has been very accomodating, flexible and content on every outing.

This week we're gonna go to Walden Pond and play on the beach and swim. We went once before and it's a cute little beach/ lake and Asher really liked it. I thought it sounded kinda gross and wierd when I first heard about it, but apparently the people on the East Coast define pond differently that what I grew up envisioning. Thankfully.
We're hoping John gets his Thesis finished a little early so he can enjoy this summer vacation with us, but either way, we're excited to vacation across country in August and see old friends and visit family. I am looking forward to that, especially with all the sadness and anxiety I felt about selling the house.
Any suggestions of things we need to do or see this summer, send them my way. Oh and we still need to hit a Red Sox game at Fenway which I'm hoping to do soon, just in case I love it and want to go to more than one.

pictures of all our fun outings are coming soon once my desktop computer is unpacked.