Monday, June 18, 2007

My love language

last week we had a really great Enrichment activity. One of the very cute women hosted a discussion of the five love languages. I thought she had just read the book and thought it would be a fun discussion, but she also has a background with LDS social services and worked with marital counseling and family counseling and this bok was just one of their resources. Anyway, I think I might try reading the book, because I liked what I learned so far and I think it's very helpful and effective. The basic idea is that sometimes we communicate love to our spouse in a language that they "don't recognize" and vice versa. John and I both took quizes to determine which love languages were more "understandable" to us. Mine turned out to be gifts of service at the top and his was words of affirmation and physical touch at a tie. I'm not sure I totally buy the concept, but it was fun to see new ideas for keeping the fire alive and recognizing the countless ways that we can show each other love. Here's a link to the quiz if you're interested. If nothing else just give it to your spouse and you take it as well and compare notes- it can't hurt.

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