Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Moving season

So it's graduation and "moving season" in our neighborhood and it just stinks and to top it off, we went and put our house in California on the market, and it sold and that makes this moving season that much harder. Why? I'll tell you. I'm a sentimental person, I love making friends, and I hate saying goodbye. Last year when we left the bay area to move out here to Boston, I avoided getting sad about it by not really saying goodbye. We had a renter in our home which left the door open to returning to California once we were done with our one year adventure in Boston. San Jose/ Palo Alto has such a huge place in my sentimental heart because I feel like it's where I "grew-up", it's where John and I dated, were engaged and spent our first few years of marriage. In San Jose we got our house, poured our blood sweat and lots of tears into it and then some, became parents there, and turned a dumpy smelly place into a cute little home that was perfect for entertaining. I loved it there and as much as I miss the house, I miss our friends there even more. So, like I was saying, I never really said good-bye to California even though John kept reminding me that we probably wouldn't return (for lots of reasons- better saved for a different posting). Without saying a big goodbye and without really even crying I left California in sort of a frenzy and moved out here to Cambridge so John could go to school. Since I knew I would only be here for a year, I figured nobody would really want to get to know us that well and although I wanted to make friends I figured it wasn't enough time to get really close to any friends so I wouldn't really make an effort besides all my "good friends" were elsewhere. You can tell where this is going right? Sure enough I met some really cool people and made some really good friends and since it's moving season the good-byes are starting. AND amid all the moves our house sells and I am not ready our strong enough to say goodbye to all of this at once, but I'm doing it anyway and I cry every now and then. It stinks. John has been good and patient with my emotions and I'm comforted to know that it's getting easier and easier to track down old friends and stay in touch via the internet, but these days on the playground here at Westgate with all the kids and all the moms are coming to an end and that makes me sad. And I'm not returning to the friends in California and our house there and that makes me sad too. I am ok with being sad, because it is somewhat motivating and it reminds me of so many happy things, I just have to stay optomistic that the next however many years will be as good or better than the last however many years!
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