Monday, January 9, 2012

what this picture is really saying...

Yes, it's 2 weeks after Christmas and 8 months since I've updated my blog. That's a long time, and it makes me a little sad

I'm hoping that this picture is helpful in sharing it's worth in words,
from me to you,
it's the thousand words that I want to say.

Yes, this picture clearly says: Merry Christmas, but it also says:

* I had every intention of sending Christmas cards but dropped the ball. Instead I posted it on my "wall", shared it with a few friends and neighbors who live locally, and now with you here on the blog. I'm sorry it wasn't on your fridge or bulletin board with the mass of other photos you received in December.

* We had a baby!!! Coral Anne Clason joined our family on October 9th. She's the cute little one looking up at the sky instead of the camera.

* We're still in Dubai and live in a housing development called "the Green Community" (hence the winter wardrobe of a few long sleeves or pants and flip flops and the green background)

* I discovered pinterest (if you discovered it too- you'll probably understand why this picture announces my discovery of it.)

* my kids are growing up- Asher, if you look closely, is toothless on top and bottom. Ivy is wearing a bracelet she made herself and super excited to decorate and hang the banner once the photos are finished (she's non stop crafting these days) and Canyon is as unique as his hair color- white almost albino blonde with a red tint around the border.

* this cute little baby may have had something to do with my blogging absence over the past year. Of course, it wasn't all her fault- but between the first trimester sickness, the 2nd trimester travel, the 3 trimester tiredness and the brand-new-baby busy-ness, blogging didn't happen.

* I didn't have a clue where else to start or how to start after such a long absence so
this picture also says- that although the timing is off, the intention is there, it really is.
I'm committed to start somewhere.
like here:
with a Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

and a Happy New Year!!!

here's hoping and planning to share more thoughts, photos, feelings and stories in a more timely manner for the coming year
because one of my favorite things about this blog of mine is the feeling of staying connected while being so far away from most of you.


  1. Love the family pic T! No need to is just busy, especially with 4 kids!

  2. This picture is so darling! Your little family is just beautiful. I'm so excited for more blog posts and congrats on Baby Coral!

  3. Yay--you're back in the game! The pictures are adorable, and it's great to see you, John, and the kids! Keep it up--I love to see what you're up to!