Tuesday, January 10, 2012

welcoming 2012

Last year we rang in 2011 by driving to the empty parking lot of the little league fields and watching the burj Khalifa's fireworks from the back of our car.

It wasn't as good of a show as their grand opening 2 years ago. Thankfully- we didn't lose much sleep or fight any crowds that night and the kids have great memories of "staying up late"

John likes to refer to New Years Eve as a "let down" sort of holiday.
Lots of hype but never really that much fun, and not really worth staying up til 12.

I sort of agree.
But, I'm also a night owl, who loves any excuse for a celebration.

So- we made this year a low key night as well.
We watched a movie in the back of our car with just our little family and some popcorn and parked amongst the hundreds of cars at our favorite (cuz it's usually mostly empty) beach.

at 12:00 we saw fireworks in every direction- we were sandwiched between two popular shows- the Burj al Arab and the Atlantis hotel. In the distance we saw the burj Khalifa's show as well as some others coming from a beach further south.

We made it off the beach and home by 12:30 due to our strategic parking spot (and our irresponsible decision to leave the seats down and kids laying comfortable asleep).

The kids enjoyed it- and also reached their breaking point mid show when they all started pushing and blocking each others view etc etc.

We were home by 12:35 with all the kids sound asleep in the back.
and me agreeing that maybe next year, we'll watch the fireworks on tv and get to bed a little earlier.

Maybe next year I'll agree to going to bed and watching the show on tv- that is of course, unless we're in a new city with new celebrations.
Here's to all the possibilities in 2012.

as for my resolutions- I'm still writing/ refining them. I suppose preparing a talk for church on Friday about "making weak things become strong" might force me to sit down and really define a few.

Are you feeling like me? Not ready to start the new year until a week in?


  1. Wow - I have missed a lot in the Clason family! Coral is gorgeous and T looks great for having four kids.

    I agree with John - New Year's Eve is my least favorite holiday. And we were all in bed by 10 this year because we had 9 am church the next day.

    Ps I am typing this from Palo Alto - your old stomping grounds :)

  2. I found your blog! It's fun looking through pictures and getting ideas for what life might be like for the next couple years. We are happy to be in Dubai and meet your cute family.