Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Canyon is THREE!!!

Canyon turned THREE on February 1st.

We almost let the celebration get away from us and I'm so glad we didn't.

We kept it low-key and simple, and I'm learning all the time that the little things make a big impact.

Saturday evening I made a cake and just after haircuts and bathtime we ate a quick dinner and invited our neighbors (and favorite baby-sitters) "the twins" over for cake (and singing of course!)

It was perfect. He also got a few new cars to add to his collection and a Cars drawing pad from one of his best little buddies who just happened to move away from Dubai ON his birthday (so sad).

We love our little three year old and his enthusiasm for life. He is mostly fun, easy going, happy, and helpful with a side of stubborn, jealous, defiant and even stinky (still not potty trained. i know, I know, it's grossing me out). He is a special kid and we all just LOVE him (I think most people do, he's easy to love).

Happy Birthday C-dogg, little C, Canyon!!!

**more pics to include, but I'm having problems uploading (this is my reminder to self)**

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