Monday, December 6, 2010

Ich bin die Sonne

Asher's preschool has a series of topics they study throughout the year and at the end of each topic, the parents are invited for a mini program where they share/ perform.

"Out of this World" was the topic for November ending early December.
Asher learned all about the planets in our solar system and the kids performed a few songs in English and German and also did a little skit.
Each kid also was given a speaking part as they represented different planets and things in the milky way.

Asher got to be the SUN. (or die Son
He spoke first and was so cute- he spoke loud and clear and had
his whole part memorized.
We were proud of him even though neither of us understood
a thing!
It's always fun to hear other parents say how his accent is just like a little German boy. We're pretty amazed at the whole thing too- and we definitely can't take any credit for any of it.

he said:
"Ich bin die sonne und ich bin ein stern
ochne mich gibt es kein leben auf der erde
Ich gebe licht und waerm
alle planeten kreisen um mich herum"

our son is quite the star! (every pun intended- wink wink)

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