Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"A" party... pt 2

picking a letter for a party theme turned out to be a lot of fun.
In the weeks before the party we kept thinking up, lots of things that started with A.

We planned on hosting everything outside
the weather would be perfect
(as luck would have it)
We woke up to pouring rain (probably one of 5 all year) so we moved everything inside and partied anyway.

We had to skip the Army obstacle course.
ran out of time and room for the Alphabet beaded necklaces each guest would make and take home. (and they were cute beads- maybe part of the thank-yous?)
We threw in some dAncing
and a (cakewalk inspired) musical Alphabet walk (improvisation at it's finest)

upon arrival we did Art and saw some very colorful Anteaters, Antelopes, and Allosaurus'. (thanks to my husband for taking my instructions to print Animal coloring pages one step further by printing A Animal pages)
as luck would have it
the weather cleared up enough that we still enjoyed the Astronaut jump (trampoline) and the Airplane toss

We Ate- Apples and dips, Animal crackers, Alphabet tater tots,
grilled cheese or pb&j sandwiches (I briefly thought about using my A cookie cutter to really drive home the party theme, but then I came back to my senses).
Apple juice or water
cupcakes and cake.

We sent each guest home with their Airplane, Artwork, a cellophane wrapped 'A' sugar cookie and some 'Auto' shaped chocolates.

Can't rain on this parade.
We had a great time. Asher LOVED every minute of his party. (except for the 2 minutes he discovered someone had been in the play room and found his secret lego hiding shelf, the one where he puts all his finished ships, and had destroyed all his ships.) He quickly got over it when I showed him the huge pile of presents of which I was SURE there would be a gift or two of legos. He danced and thanked and smiled all day.

I loved having friends in our home, having John help host, having the food last the whole party, but still be enjoyed and devoured, having help from friends, and help to clean up the mess, and having one very very happy 5 year old and some great memories (although I'm still gathering pictures from friends since I was too busy to take very many myself).


  1. looks like A great pArty! So fun, love the clever mom you are, and fun to see pics of your house, Happy Belated Birthday Asher!

  2. Love the idea... what a creative one you are!

  3. So cute! I can't believe that he is 5 already. Where did the time go?

  4. Wish we could have pArtied with you!