Wednesday, January 6, 2010

grand opening- Burj Dubai

As a nice post holiday surprise, we enjoyed the excitement of the official grand opening of the worlds tallest building- the Burj Dubai.

We contemplated joining a few families who met at Dubai mall and found seating around the fountains, but with the 3 small kids we opted to avoid the chaos and we watched a fantastic show from down the street. Granted, we missed the full firework and fountain dancing as well as the music, but we had a good time with 2 of our favorite families, the Martins and the Warnicks.

We met at the Martins for pizza and then walked about a block away to watch the firework show from an island in the street. I mostly took video and a few photos. My pictures don't do it justice. It was pretty spectacular.

When we came home and I googled the news of the nights events- to see the news coverage, I discovered the announced name change- Burj Khalifa. I had to laugh a little wondering if this was a kind gesture on behalf of Dubai in acknowledging Abu Dhabi's ruler and the financial bail out, OR if this was a condition of the bail out being offered. Guess I'll never know. Maybe I shouldn't speculate.

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