Tuesday, June 9, 2009

not about camels

setting the scene:

I'm cooking dinner and John has just walked in the door from work
Canyon is screaming his head off. (yes, he has his moments)
Ivy is attempting to transfer her cup of milk (that John just gave her) into her empty water bottle (one of her favorite things to do is fill and empty containers- in the pool, bathtub, kitchen and living room). She is spilling it all over the carpet in the process and starts crying/ screaming in protest as John attempts to intervene.
Asher emerges from the bathroom. Shirt in top, nothing on bottom- beaming with pride and ignoring the chaos around him.  Instead he bends over, bum in the air asking "Dad, Dad, Mom, Ma-Mooom, Dad Da-"
response "WHAT?!?" 
"did I get it all?  can you see?  Did I get it all?"

Potty trained for close to 2 years and he finally wiped himself! (although he's been doing it at preschool- just not at home. "the toilets are smaller there so it's easier" he says.  Whatever.)  

oh and I ran into the neighbors Filipino* nanny while pushing Ivy on the swings.
She told me I'm looking fat.
when I said "what" (thinking maybe she said, I'm not looking so fat- as in- I've lost weight since having a baby.)
she said "you know, chubby"
thanks for the clarification.

* I know in some cultures and countries it's not offensive.   So I'm taking it as a compliment?


  1. That's great! We told Caden that 4 year olds wipe their own butt so his first "wiping" was on his birthday. What a great day (and yes, he spread 'em for me to check that he got it all)!
    On the other hand, it's handy to have an honest neighbor (I guess)! Are you sure it is a compliment in her culture? I'm going to look it up! :) Maybe it should be "you're looking Phat" (that's cool right??)! Although I guess there isn't much you can say about chubby...

  2. Payton has found a more effecient way of cleaning his bum. He tries to wipe then when he's done he sits on the rug to put his clothes back on and proceeds to smear what he didn't get the first time on the rug! Lovely.

  3. This post was hilarious! I have experienced similar situations numerous times!

    As far as the nanny goes...I am sure it is her culture! Living in CA I learned so much about other cultures from similar conversations. One of my friends is Korean and they are pretty forward as well...I always tell her that I wish sometimes I had some Korean in me!!

    Heard you might be heading out this way...keep us posted!

  4. T -

    That post made me laugh so hard! It also makes me think of McKay yelling down: "two things mom - come here and wipe my butt . . . "

    I am really sorry about the fat comment. That is pretty bad, no matter what culture. If it makes you feel any better, here is what I have heard in the past week:
    "Dang girl, when are you due?"

    "Oh my gosh. Jeese." (they thought I couldn't hear, or see them apparently because they sat and stared in the Target parking lot as they said it)

    "Mom, that lady is really big."

    And, I seriously doubt you look fat at all - I have seen you after having a baby and you look great.

  5. Good thing I don't live near a Filipino nanny, that could get uncomfortable. Kind of funny though considering you're not even close to chubby.

  6. Abel still has to announce when he's going poop, in a very loud voice, along with a description of the size....ah, boys.

    Chubby? Toria? I can't even imagine.

  7. Oh, I'm laughing. I had someone ask me if I was pregnant again. Dusty had to say, "No we just had a baby." Some people just don't know when to shut their mouths.

    Let us know when you will be here. Dusty has school in Orlando so I will be at my Mom from the 1st-12th. I hope we don't miss you. Or if you are in Utah, maybe we catch up there. Email me and let us know.

  8. Toria,

    The pilipino comment was definately a compliment. I served in the Philippines and people would yell out to me in the streets as I walked by and say Mataba Ka - meaning you are fat. I haven't ever been fat in my life.

    They have a different meaning of fat - anything that isn't skin and bones.

  9. I think I just woke everyone up in my house laughing. THanks, Toria! I absolutely loved the post. You are the best! Miss you!

  10. Hey T.C.
    So glad you're learning the joys of a foreign country! On my mission my acne really flared up. People would ask me point-blank, "What's wrong with your face?" Any time I would stop someone on the street, we had to first discuss my amazing amount of zits before I could invite them to church or whatever. I also got an occasional, "You look fat." It was awesome.