Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hunting for eggs.

Yes Nancy*, we already had Easter- you're so funny.  
We're 10 hours ahead- not 10 days behind silly! 
*(addressing comment she made in the previous post).

Although, we didn't go to church on Easter Sunday.
We went to church on Good Friday, Ivy's birthday was Saturday (we spent the day cliff jumping and swimming in a wadi out in the desert), and Sunday was Easter (and John was back to work). Asher had Spring break for 2 weeks (before and after Easter- we had a lot of fun!!)

The good:  Separating and celebrating the commercial holiday of Easter (bunnies, egg hunts, parties) from the Spiritual holiday of Easter.
Example: 4 egg hunts 4 different days (before, after and on Easter)- none on the same day as we went to church

The not as good:  It was easy to forget that Good Friday was our substitute for Easter Sunday (over here) and therefor not recognize the Easter holiday on the Sabbath because the commercial holiday was still 2 days away (does that make sense?  it does to me, but it's late)

and the really really good:  Cadbury mini eggs!!! (cost too much, but oh so yummy).  I was pleasantly surprised to find a good little variety of Easter candy and decorating stuff in some of the more Western grocery stores here.

the pictures:

pictures of the kids hunting for eggs at a pool party with friends (above) and at home on Sunday morning after the Easter bunny came in the night (below).

not pictured:  Canyon!!!! (sorry little man, that's what happens when you're sleeping)
the Church/ Primary egg hunt where they hid the chocolate foil eggs (in this weather!?!- chocolate was everywhere!  Good thing that was a swim party too)
Ivy's birthday party egg hunt (also a swim party- not sure what pictures I have.  They may be coming soon).
obligatory pre-church photos in their "Sunday best" (Never happened, but I haven't given up. I've got some good tips to go on now- thanks everyone)


  1. How awesome to hunt for eggs in a shark towel. Carson will have to try that one!

  2. okay so I was a little confused, it happens sometimes... Cute pictures, that would be nice to separate the bunnies and eggs from the spiritual side of things. Maybe we should try that here!

  3. So many egg hunts and pool parties. Sounds like it was all a blast. Ivy is adorable in her princess outfit.