Thursday, April 16, 2009

church tomorrow

It's Thursday night- this week flew by and the 2 weeks of Spring break flew even faster.

John is out of town until Friday night.
They are showing recorded broadcast of General Conference on t.v. at the church tomorrow.
I'm going to stay home.
I know I will be happier and more successful listening to and/or watching Conference here at home, so that's what I'll do.
Writing that on my blog is committing me to do it and I'll probably start watching/ reading at the beginning.
Unless I get some suggestions from one of you.

Any suggestions or favorites? Which talk stuck out to you?

I've made some mental notes of things to do with the kids tomorrow that will help the day feel more like the Sabbath (especially since we're not attending church), but I welcome suggestions.

What do you do or not do on Sunday?

or, if that's too personal, serious or lengthy a response, 
another question
but also one I've been thinking about, and commenting on, this week.

What are your tricks for getting the kids ready for church, on time, happy, and cute enough for the "obligatory" pre-church photos (you know the ones you all posted of your cuties in their Easter finest, Christmas best, blessing days etc. etc.)??

pics from the Friday I sent them to church without me and baby Canyon (when Canyon was just days old and we were both in recovery mode).  I was in pj's and they went to church with Grandma- hence time for "pre-church" photos.  

Should I offer a reward/ prize for answering my question(s)?  


  1. My favorite talks (I'm sure I'm not the only one) were Elder Hales (on debt) and Elder Holland (on the atonement).

    We are a house divided on what "gray-area" Sunday activities are appropriate. Except when Masterpiece Theater is really good (Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, etc.), and then we are a house sheepishly and temporarily united.

    I'm not great providing Holiday dresses, and worse about getting them on the kids in time for pictures. If I'm really on top of things, I'll spiff up their hair and snap shots after church.

    Concerning a prize: Only if I win it!

  2. We took our Easter pictures the day before. Peter has meetings before church. So I'm all alone! I get Lucie dressed, put her down for a nap, then play with John. 5 minutes before we leave, I get him dressed, comb his hair, and put him in his carseat to not mess himself up! Then I get Lucie up and do her hair, put her in her carseat, and off we go! I rarely get pictures before church...

  3. Since I have a very vocal 3 year old and a baby in the house, I only heard a few talks in their entirety. Elder Holland's talk was one of them, and I was in tears through it. It was wonderful and I learned so much from it.

    I don't have any tricks on getting kids ready for church, but what really helps me is getting all my bags (diaper and primary, etc.) ready the night before. Then I'm only concerned with getting myself ready and Cohen and Ren dressed. With church at 9am, it seems to help out a lot.

    I wish we didn't watch tv at all on Sundays, but my other half disagrees.

    We have been having FHE on Sunday nights though, as Jason's never home from work early enough on Mondays. That seems to help me feel like it's more of a Sabbath Day. And it gives Cohen something to look forward to on Sunday night.

    I never have any luck with photos before Church and didn't get any of the boys in their Easter clothes. Sad. But true.

  4. We don't have church until 1 so we were lucky to have a little extra time for Easter. Does this mean you haven't had Easter there yet? Anyway I just do a lot of yelling in order to get everyone to cooperate, it's sad but true, I can't help it, I get stressed and need total cooperation, when they were little I usually had Hallie in tears right before the pics, I'm a bad mom, so don't use my tactic. Maybe bribe them with candy, I do that too.

  5. We have church at 9 am , so I do everything I can the night before, iron, pack the diaper bag, fill up sippies, etc. I feed the kids before we get dressed and then
    start dressing, 30 mins prior. That gives me time to do hair, change diapers just before we walk out etc. There is not trick. I've heard of people dressing their kids the night before and sleeping in their church clothes. Guess that would work, if clothes didn't wrinkle.
    I just got a bunch of living scriptures movies so my kids watch church movies now on Sunday. I'm trying to make Sunday different.

  6. We're big into "Sunday shows." That way the regular TV isn't missed because we are so lucky and get to watch "Sunday shows!" :) Nathan didn't grow up this way (with no normal TV) but he has been a good sport--and our home is more peaceful on Sundays. We have quite a church video collection. I also am a big fan of getting myself ready and then the kids--it seems we get out the door faster when I don't have to get my hair finished when everyone is in the car. Good Luck!! You're a great Mommy. Darcy

  7. I totally gave up on taking photos of the boys this year. It is such a tricky thing! Cam and I were totally talking about the what's appropriate on Sundays. . . we think as long as we are doing family things and it isn't too ruckus, it should be okay. I don't know, it is a hard call. But I know we didn't miss any Charger games!

  8. Hey, I'm sure everybody already offered this same advice, but...

    I get everything ready for Church on Saturday night...clothes, diaper bags, I even plan what we're having for breakfast...then, I get myself up and ready before everybody wakes up. Voila!

    My favorite talks were Holland and Bednar.

    And, of course you should have a prize!!

    p.s. Is your branch president Pres. Allen? His son is in our ward and Luke is their home's a small Mormon world.