Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Suess-y evening

My mom left last night we were feeling quite sad,
but I thought to myself, "there is fun to be had"
By myself, as a mom, with 3 kids, not just two.
I fed them and dressed them, then what did I do?
turn on the computer of of course, isn't that what you do?

Google artists filled my mind with delight
there was fish and a grinch and a cat on their site
Because today marks the birth of an author named Suess
we planned a little party with a perfect excuse.

For dinner we did not eat green eggs and ham
but we stuck to the theme- that's the kind of girl that I am.
One fish, two fish- we ate FISH, that's right!
only our fish was not red, nor was it blue, it was white.

when pop arrived home, on pop the kids hopped
we read stories, and wrestled and no one was dropped!
what else did we do? what else did we make?
we colored Dr. Seuss pictures and ate frosting with CAKE!!!

-----ok, enough rhyming for one evening, I'll leave that to the professionals.----

We're off to a pretty good start with our new little family.
We miss Grandma and wish that more friends and family could come stay with us, hang out with us, and take care of us.
Funny that my mom brought the cute little Dr. Suess onsies with her to give to the kids (that's what Ivy is wearing.  Cindy Lou Who in pink and Horton on the green one).  I think the onsies are cute, but not by themselves without pants on a toddler.  I didn't think I would get much use out of Ivy's for that reason, because once you put pants or skirt on, half of the image is covered up!  (Who designed these shirts anyway?) My mom quickly solved that problem and added a little skirt to the two onsies that she brought for Ivy.  Canyon's remained skirt-less, but I think he's little enough (and it will soon be hot enough) that a onesie and nothing else is ok for the little guy.

question:  how do you spell onesie because clearly the way I'm spelling it is incorrect.  I have lots of red underlining going on.  Maybe it's not a word. How fitting, to use a word like onesie, that may or may not be a real word on Dr. Suess's birthday- he's got to be the king on non-word, words, and non-thing, things. Right?


  1. I LOVE Your Dr. Seuss rhyming post!!!

  2. your my idol...always such cute blog posts. i don't know how you have time for it! see you soon!

  3. we got some of those shirts at costco except our say Thing 1 and Thing 2, of course for the twins!

    Love them!!

  4. Great rhyme, I see a future for you in childrens books. Maybe you should move to San Diego to channel a little more Suess. (his home town)
    You are such a fun mom. Way to party it up!

  5. too cute, toria. you're lookin' beautiful! and the kids are adorable.

  6. Yay! I'm so glad for some more posts and pictures. We're big Suess fans around here too, yet another reason we were meant to be next door neighbors longer than one measley year :)
    Ivy is stylin', love it. So how is 3? What kind of an adventure am I in for? You should post the list of "things I didn't expect about having 3".

  7. It sounds like you are a professional. :) I love you and am glad to see some new posts, I also love Ivy's grandpa sunglasses. :) I wish we could come visit too.

  8. you are amazing. I love the onesies and poem.

  9. love your dr. suess poem!! i remember when i had my first baby you gave me the dr. suess "oh baby, the places you'll go" book. :) so fun! and your pics of your kids are just adorable!! i wish i lived near you so we could hang out with our cute babies. you make it all look so fun. call me soon. miss you!

  10. Congrats TC! Your baby is just as beautiful as Asher and Ivy. I love the dr. seuss evening. Hope you're making a visit here soon!